Day 3 – Amano’s Confession Towards Tendou

Confession Scene 2.png

Anime: Gamers!

First of all you just have to know that I extremely love this anime. It doesn’t have any heavy plot or complicated emotional romance or even out of the world, nichijou-like comedy but I love it regardless.

My favourite scene in the entire anime has to be when Amano accidentally confesses towards Tendou. The whole scene is pure comedy gold. We have the build up almost the whole episode leading up to that very moment in time. The whole confession thing is set up by different people for different purpose of their own personal importance and interest.

Confession Scene 1

Now what make this scene really good is the fact that it actually teases us with it since the first episode. The analysis of Uehara, Chiaki and Aguri right before the confession event is so hilarious. With everyone theorizing everything to the worst possible scenario, it’s fun to know what they would conclude when they see the situation themselves.

This scene is hilarious when you know the context. Yes, it relies on misunderstandings but I find it funny regardless. The misunderstanding is not so absurd to the point it’s unbearable. They are still believable especially when they are used comedically. I really like watching Uehara, Chiaki and Aguri analyzing the worst possible theory and even accepted all their absurd hypothesis of the situation. I can watch this scene over and over again and still think it’s funny.

Confession Scene 3
Ahaha I love her expression

I can’t really ‘explain’ why it’s funny because it’s pretty difficult to explain jokes. Besides, why should I when you can just experience it yourself? But well, I do notice that many people don’t find this anime funny or even entertaining but I certainly do and I’m pretty sure many others also do.

That’s it for me for today. I’ve been doing quite well for this project so far. I hope I can stay until the end. See you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Amano’s Confession Towards Tendou

    • This moment and ‘A Day’s Life of Tendou Karin’ are to me the best moments Gamers. I would return to this series just to watch those two scenes. I also like how this confession scene is memed though.

      Amano: Can I be your friend?

      Tendou: Sorry, I only see you as a boyfriend.

      Amano: Bluescreened/Error 404.

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