Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 9


This anime is a scam expert. Ughh it’s so irritating. You know what I’m talking about. The supposed confession that we expected because of last episode’s preview. A very good scam, I fell so hard for it… Well at least, Shou actually confesses.

Hitomi and Shou

The moment Hitomi agrees to go on a ‘date’ with Shou, I already know he’s gonna confess to her anytime during that date. He quite admirably take every bit of advantage of the whole situation. Because he has very limited time in school now that he’s a senior, he more or less doesn’t have anything to lose. At least that’s what he thinks. The way he confesses, he doesn’t really think of the consequences of his action, either the negatives or the positives. He just thinks that at that very moment, it’s the perfect opportunity for him to confess, so he confesses. Little does he know though that Hitomi takes the damage of the confession way more severe than he thinks she will. After all, she is an extremely fragile girl.

Confession Scene
Awkward moment there…

After the confession, Shou realizes that everything won’t ever stay the same. He acknowledges it but he decides to face it head on regardless and move on. In fact, after Hitomi gives him her proper rejection, he accepts the rejection rather easily. At least, that’s what I thought until he screams at the rooftop. What’s with anime characters screaming specifically on rooftops after being rejected? In any case, I think I like him more than the other boys, honestly.

Shou Moving on

Hitomi Sad

Hitomi, like I mentioned earlier takes the confession way more seriously than anyone thought. Her negative outlook of the world and how people perceive her is damaging not only her but the people around her. I mean, using her intention of not wanting to hurt Shou as an excuse to avoid him is really not healthy for both of them. She also thinks that she doesn’t deserve anybody’s love, another excuse that she can’t even accept that Shou is in love with her. Hitomi really needs to change. Thankfully she does a little. After Kohaku and Asagi give her a prep talk, Hitomi realizes that her actions are all inwards instead of outwards. He uses her empathy or sympathy towards other people to avoid problems when in reality, she mostly thinks about herself first and everybody else later. Realizing this, she apologizes to Shou and gives him a proper rejection. Now, she just needs to deal with Asagi.

Hitomi's Secret Admirers
Wohoa never thought Hitomi has many secret admirers.

Asagi Upset

Asagi is hurt, more than she ever did. She is upset that Hitomi is winning because all this while, she thinks she can be close friends with Shou forever. She thinks it will be okay to stay like that. In fact, she’s making progress trying to make him see her as a woman, albeit very slowly. She’s happy with her progress and thinks that in time, even if it’s in the far future, she can confess to him. However, Hitomi ruins her ideals. Hitomi steals the very person she likes for a very long time. That’s the main reason she’s upset with Hitomi. Hitomi destroys her dream, her effort, her progress, basically everything. She knows that her anger towards Hitomi is irrational though which is why she says ‘sorry’. She knows that all of this could be avoided if only she has enough courage to confess to Shou much earlier. That doesn’t delete her feelings altogether of course. After this whole incident, she now knows that, she has to make a drastic move. She has to or else she’ll regret it forever. Hopefully, next episode, she’s able to do it. Seriously Asagi, please use your advantage as the future president to approach the president more casually and confess your feelings to him then. If you don’t, I’m gonna slap you.

Asagi Sorry

Yuito is of course not happy at all with the situation. He pretends to not care but everyone around him continue to push him to think about his feelings for once. We might see some drastic changes in his personality or a big leap of action he might take in the next episode.

Yuito Disturbed
Yuito… ahh Yuito… Everyone knows you’re disturbed by the whole situation.

Yuito and Hitomi are indirectly getting closer because of both Shou and Asagi but in return, Shou and Asagi are getting further…


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