Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 8

Shou and Kawaii Sneaky.png

This episode is focused on two things which are Kohaku’s worry and determination to master time magic so she can send Hitomi back to the future and Shou’s uneasiness of Hitomi going back to the future. Let’s start with Kohaku.

Kohaku First Magic

Early on the episode, we see that she used magic when she was little to impress her family members. She likes magic since she was little and like she said many times, her main goal is to make everybody happy using magic. Right now, she still wants to help Hitomi getting her colours back. She even has a theory for her colour blindness. A theory similar to ours as an audience.

Cupid Kohaku
I haven’t said this but I’ve always loved cupid Kohaku.

Her dedication in helping Hitomi is just a side quest. She just wants her to be happy and probably wants to set things right. Which is why she wants to master the time magic so desperately so she can send Hitomi to the future again. She believes that it’s the right thing to do and will make Hitomi happy. But then Hitomi says she wants to stay. Is it the okay for her to stay? Will it break the laws of time and space? (Is this anime even about that?) While it’s not clear in the anime, I think Kohaku doesn’t really know what to do now.  Which proves that making someone happy using magic is actually extremely difficult.

Magic Difficult

Hitomi Wants To Stay
Well of course she wants to stay. She literally doesn’t have anything or anyone in the future as far as we know. But how about her parents though…

I also want to add that the rose Kohaku casts time magic on withers after some time and Asagi’s radio breaks again. From that, we can conclude that the time magic does not last forever. Now the question is will the time magic even fades with Hitomi? Will Hitomi be forced to go back to the future? If so, then that’s quite a great future drama waiting for us.

Bro Talk

This episode also focuses on Shou’s feelings for Hitomi. He’s more and more uneasy with the fact that Hitomi might leave. Not only that, he’s also jealous of Yuito for ‘winning the battle’. His feelings for Hitomi is quite straight forwards though. He then has a bro talk with Yuito about Hitomi but that doesn’t really solve anything. The only thing that happens at that time is that he confirms his feelings by stating that he wants to make Hitomi happy. Yuito, however seems to not open up about this and hide it even from Shou. 

Shou and Hitomi

Later in the episode, we can see that he almost wants to ask or rather persuade Hitomi to stay but doesn’t at the last moment. Why? Probably because he sees her smiling and being happy for the moment. He doesn’t want to disrupt that. After all, he wants her to be happy. Well the only solution I see for him is to either get rejected by Hitomi or be confessed by Asagi. Or both.

Asagi Stuck
Asagi decided to be stuck. sigh…

Kawaii and Chigusa is still the wacky unofficial couple that they are. She’s fine with with how everything is between them. However, Asagi is not fine with herself and Shou. She is frustrated of her feelings and their current relationship. She bottles it up by saying that it’s fine the way things are now, but we all know it’s not fine for her. At least Kawaii knows. Which is why she practically tries to force Asagi to confess to Shou. Not sure if that’s a great idea but hey, she’s just trying to be a good friend.


From the looks of it, in the next episode,  two girls are going to confess, Shou is probably going to confess too and a couple will go on a date… Well that should be interesting.

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