Chihaya is Stupid!!!

Chihaya Stupid 2
I actually really like her as a character and as a person. Her dedication towards being the queen of Karuta, her attitude of never giving up even after multiple losses, her efforts of becoming a great Karuta player and her influence of positivity towards everybody around her. However, there will be times when for some reason, she just loses her mind and her brains just shuts off. Those times are when the name Arata is mentioned.

Her obsession towards Arata is just too much. Well yes, Arata is the one who made her love Karuta. Arata is the one who suggested that she can have her own dream, instead of projecting her dream on other people. But the the true reason for her obsession is simply because Arata ‘disappears’, that he’s so far away, that he’s unreachable both in terms of physical distance and in terms of Karuta skills. He’s like an idol to Chihaya. I honestly believe that she is confused between her love for Karuta and her love towards Arata. I don’t think she loves him, just that she admires him the same as she admires Karuta as a card game.

Chihaya Stupid 1
But the thing that I really hate about her attitude is the fact that she’s completely oblivious to anything or anyone around her once the name Arata is pronounced. Once that happens, everything will be about him. She unconsciously dismisses and disregards her friends, even Taichi as well as her well-being just so she can ‘chase after’ Arata. It’s just so frustrating to me!

There is one part when she goes to a tournament to cheer on Taichi. She even skips group study to go there, specifically to know how Taichi is doing in his matches. After arriving, she finds out that Taichi loses in the third round. Here’s where it gets on my nerve. Immediately after Taichi said ‘Arata is here’, she completely forgets about Taichi, and pretty much anyone and goes straight to watch Arata playing. She’s clearly so fixated on him! I mean, Taichi just lost a match that is very important to him but as soon as she heard the name Arata, she automatically doesn’t care about him anymore. Everything suddenly revolves around Arata. It’s just really stupid. Chihaya is stupid when it has anything to do with Arata. I guess love is stupid? I don’t freaking know. 

Arata is Here
“Arata is here”
She Just Left Him
And then she just leaves him… I can’t believe her.

Now I’m not saying the character is bad. I really like her. I guess I’m just ranting about her as a person rather than her as a character, which is a good thing. Her flaw is so realistic and believable, it makes her feel like a real living person.

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