Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 7

Colour Gone

Last episode: Oh my God I can see colours again! My life is going to be amazing from now on!!!

This episode: Oh nope nevermind, it’s gone.

This episode starts with a scam. So much hope for resolved conflict last episode…

Kohaku Suggest to tell everyone.png

Yes, Hitomi is colour blind again. Apparently she only managed to see colours for a very short time last episode. She is of course devastated with the situation. Because of her sudden ability to see colours, she now realizes that she took colours for granted and now, she desires to see colours again even more. Not knowing why and how all of that happens, Kohaku suggests to tell her friends about her colour blindness. It might probably not solve anything but at least she has more people she can share her problems with. Even Hitomi herself thinks she should have told the others sooner.  After all, they are her friends now so it’s good to rely on them once in a while.

Asagi Future President

Asagi is assigned as future president and Hitomi as the vice president. There are so many problems with this… the most obvious is that both of them are shy as hell! They aren’t charismatic. You need to have charisma to lead people! it’s hard being a leader especially when you’re shy. It’s practically impossible and I’m talking from experience here… But Hitomi has a another problem. She might not even be with them next year. Does everyone in the group not remember that she is from the future? I guess Everyone’s comfortable and adjusted with Hitomi’s presence, they forgot where she came from.

Kohaku learning time magic
The device grandma Kohaku used to send Hitomi back in time.

We can see that Kohaku has started studying about time magic, at a very young age. Makes me wonder how much knowledge and training she needs to master the magic. If she sends Hitomi to the past right after she masters it, then it would take decades. Is it possible that she starts studying time magic only because Hitomi is sent from the future?

Kohaku learning time magic 2.png

Yuito Drawing.png

Yuito, like the previous episode foreshadowed, is very positive and optimistic. He’s more hardworking, putting a lot more effort in his drawings. Someone is appreciating his art, and that makes him move forward probably much faster than the others. He also wants to be an artist now, an ambition he had when he first won the drawing competition. A dream that died a while ago but came to life again after Hitomi is present.

Kawaii Dejected
For some reason, I find gloomy Kawaii attractive.

In this episode, we finally get to see Kawaii’s backstory and conflict. Her conflict is her lack of enthusiasm and talent in anything she does. Then, there’s also her sister who is, to her, better than her at everything in life. Kawaii sees her both as a role model and as a rival. One one hand, she admires her sister for striving to do what she loves, and she loves her sister for always supporting her. On the other hand, she’s jealous of her for always ‘getting everything’ easily just because of her gifts and talents. As loud and cheerful as she is, she doesn’t really open up about this with her friends… She should and the catalyst just might be Hitomi.

Kawaii Jealous 1.png

Kawaii Jealous 2.png

She’s also jealous of her friends. Almost everything that she’s interested in doing, her friends do it better in one way or another. She’s jealous of her friends for having determination and confidence in their interests, just like her sister, which she doesn’t have. To her, she doesn’t have any of the crucial attitude to be successful, not determination, not confidence and especially not talent. She tries to channel her frustration by devoting herself in exams but she doesn’t even succeed in that so it just adds to her frustration. In the end, Fukasawa tries to comfort her and that helps a bit.

Sister struggles.png

Kawaii’s father magnifies her problems to a degree. Convincing him to let her do what she wants is not an easy task, especially when she lacks the ability to prove that she can do it. I think in this case, she undermines her sister’s effort. She sees her sister as a person who can overcome anything with her gifts and talent but in reality, even her sister had it rough. The main difference between Kawaii and her sister is not talent but  the perseverance to move forward, to keep trying and to never give up. That’s really what Kawaii lacks.

Welp, everything is moving ever so slowly in this episode… Just like the previous episodes, really. So we just see what’ll happen in the next episodes, yea?

2 thoughts on “Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 7

  1. I enjoy hanging out with this cast of characters on a weekly basis. Can’t say that I am a fan of bait and switch endings though. It’s cheap to end an episode on a dramatic note, only to reverse everything a few seconds later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t like it either. I watched this episode hoping to see Hitomi being a bit more cheerful and optimistic for once but my hope was crushed in the first 5 seconds of the episode… The characters have been fun so far. I like how clear their motivations are so it’s easier for me to write these episodic review lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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