Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 6

Intro Episode 6.png

This episode seemed to have resolved conflicts more than creating drama. So far, everything is either resolved or resolving.

Firstly, Asagi and Shou’s relationship is still considerably stagnant. Asagi does try her best to make a move, very small move but that’s nowhere near enough to reach Shou because of how blinded he is by his gradual affection towards Hitomi. It just leaves him in a state of confusion. These two have to figure something up fast!

Asagi Making First Move

Yuito Golden Fish.png

It turns out that the fish is not even in most of the Yuito’s drawing. It’s just his old drawing that made him win an award many many years ago. It’s probably the drawing that encouraged him to pursue more of this art field. But well, after seeing what Hitomi accidently sees in his drawing, especially the wasteland and the dead fish, it seems that he has lost the passion and determination to draw for quite a while now. Probably because of this, he isn’t seeing himself as a future artist anymore, considering how he said he doesn’t want to be an artist in the last episode. But later in the episode, we see him having that hope again. We see him having the passion again or at least a purpose to draw. And that purpose, is to draw for Hitomi and Hitomi alone. At least for now. I’m pretty sure all the things that the characters do in this series can be concluded to ‘making somebody happy’ even if it’s just one person. I mean, with all the ‘magic is to help people be happy’ being thrown every now and then, I’m just extracting the idea to other things that is not magic. It should work though.

Golden Fish

Hitomi as usual, is still clinging on Yuito’s drawing. So much so she accidently goes into his drawing using her magic. She sees every part of Yuito’s current and previous drawings, I suppose. After seeing it, she immediately tells yuito what she sees. It shows how open and trustful she is with him, she doesn’t really have any secret with him. However, this time it kinda backfired. Yuito is the one closing her down this time. It’s a natural reaction though. Some of his previous drawings might be a little private. Hitomi uninvitedly and literally enters his drawings and sees everything Yuito might not want her, or anyone to see is maybe a bit too far for Yuito, especially considering all those ‘failed’ drawings.

Hitomi Hates Magic
Hitomi is back to blaming magic again… just when she’s opening up to it.

Because of this, she blames magic for sparking the fight between her and Yuito. Seriously, Hitomi’s talent of using magic is impressive but if she can’t control it, it might be more harmful than good. Now, we see the bad side of it, making Her hate magic all over again just when she’s beginning to open up with it. Kohaku and Kawaii assure her that a little bit of fight won’t hurt anything. It doesn’t mean that she’s not close with him. In fact, it’s because she’s close with him that they fight. It’ll make the bond stronger. Well it’s not that they have a big fight anyway, it’s just a small tension. The last scene of the episode more or less resolves all the tension between them.

Conflict Resolved

Awkward 1

Ahaha the group got awkward after Yuito left. The best thing is that everyone’s trying to play the right role but failed because they don’t know which role to play. Asagi tries to comfort Hitomi, but obviously can’t. Well she only recently managed to comfort herself to begin with. Hitomi is still struck with the fact that the person most important to her got angry at her so she can’t focus on the activity anymore. Kohaku there, well she’s mostly great at talking one on one, not while there’s a group of people around them. And Kawaii is just enjoying their awkwardness by taking their pictures. She’s the best!

Awkward 2

Awkward 3

Picture Session
Damn those outfits

I like the fact that when the whole group is together, the girls and the guys are always separated. It means that there is till a gap between them. It means that while they are friends with each other, they’re still not comfortable enough to intermingle. It’s pretty obvious though, Fukasawa and Kawaii are the only ones to casually talk with each other. Perhaps Kohaku too.

Hitomi Seeing Colour

Okay so… she got her colour back… The reason is because… she uncast a magic from herself?? I really didn’t expect her to get her colour back so early. First the secret about the her travelling from the future, and now her colour recovery. I think that’s still only half of the solution. The main conflict is intact. Well the only unresolved conflict I can see right now is Hitomi going back to the future and the love triangle between Hitomi, Shou and Asagi. I’m starting to think that I don’t really know what this anime is about anymore. And I don’t know if it’s my fault or the anime’s fault. Also, I still don’t see the significance of Kawaii and Fukasawa.

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