Hanako’s Expression in Asobi Asobase

I recently watched one of the funniest anime I’ve seen which is Asobi Asobase. If you follow the seasonal anime, I don’t think you would miss this freaking good comedy anime in the summer season 2018. I love this series, laughing pretty much the whole time watching it. The OP is very misleading making the three main characters look super innocent and treat each other like best friend forever. Oh man let me tell you, it’s the complete opposite.

But while I like the series as a whole, I think Hanako is the best the series has to offer, from her character to her voice actress (I love her voice) and most importantly, her facial expressions. Especially her facial expressions, seriously. And so because I love her so much, I’m here to present you Hanako’s various expressions.

Hanako 1

Hanako 2

Hanako 3

Hanako 4

Hanako 5

Hanako 6

Hanako 7

Hanako 8

Hanako 9

Hanako 28.png
Still the same character…

Hanako 10

Hanako 11

Hanako 12

Hanako 13

Hanako 14

Hanako 15

Hanako 16

Hanako 17

Hanako 18
Do I need to remind you that this is the same character?

Hanako 19

Hanako 20

Hanako 21

Hanako 22

Hanako 23

Hanako 24

Hanako 25

Hanako 26

Hanako 27
Yes, for all the various expressions that you show us, that is a good question.

Now all of that happens in a single episode which is episode 8. For those who haven’t watched the series but read the subtitles in the pictures, you must be wondering what the hell happened in a mere span of 22 minutes. Well that’s Asobi Asobase for ya!

Know what, I’m gonna show these pictures to my non-anime fan friends.

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