Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 5

Magic Photography Arts Club.png

This episode is about everyone beginning to open up with each other.

Hitomi hated magic before coming to the past but now she embraces it, hoping that she’ll be able to see colours again. She begins learning new magic and practicing to make making the star-sands. Incidentally, she also begins to open up more with Yuito, also hoping that she’ll be able to see colours again, so much so that she even gives him her first ever successful star-sand she manages to make. It goes without saying that she won’t take the first step without her grandmother’s pushy attitude though. But when is she going to ask her grandmother how to go back to the future? Or will she?

Star Sand
Star-sand hah that’s what it’s called. Why the hell didn’t I know this before??

Asagi begins to open up with Sho. After asking Kohaku the fate of her love life, she knows that her love life is at risk. She’s not the aggressive type and is always bad at communicating with other people. But, with her relationship with Sho beginning to change after Hitomi appears, maybe it’s time for her to do something about it. It’s time for her to take action and open up with him more. As of now, she’s still not direct with her words and actions but at least she has the mindset to move forward.

Asagi Open Up.png

Long Line
What a long line. Kohaku should really charge people. Perhaps she already did…

Yuito is still conflicted with Hitomi being from the future. It’s as if everytime he remembers about it, or anyone else making him remember about it, he feels sad and restless of the fact that she might be gone. He also has art block, which pressures him even more especially when Hitomi expects so much from his drawing.

Yuito Giving Up.png

Hitomi Cannot Say No
Kohaku being very pushy and Hitomi doesn’t know how to say no

It must be extremely hard for Hitomi to watch the shop considering she has to guess the colours of the star-sand. It makes me wonder how long she has been colour blind if she’s accustomed to it. – Whop okay it’s been years.

Hitomi and Vending Machine
Yess we get to see Hitomi interacting with our ancient technology again!

I have to say, this anime is quite slow. I mean, it feels slow because there’s still no conflict between the main characters. The series is setting it up towards a conflict though, especially with the love triangle.

Asagi Sad

The love triangle in this series is quite different. First off, I don’t think the anime is gonna include everyone in a very convoluted love heptagon or anything like it. It’s pretty much established that Kawai’s partner is Fukazawa and Kohaku is probably not going to end up with any of the guys. If she does, Hitomi would immediately recognize him as her grandfather. The only love triangle that’s apparent so far is between Asagi, Sho and Hitomi. I don’t think this anime is going the total romance direction though so I don’t think anyone’s gonna end up with anyone. Sho and Asagi is probably going to be closer than ever once Asagi opens up with him but not in a romantic way… I guess. The question is, will she open with him first or will Sho ‘confess’ to Hitomi first? Well, she did ask him to help her with her rabbit postcard though but I wonder if that’s enough.

Golden Fish
Okay here’s this fish again!!! The question about this fish is finally going to be answered… in the next episode.


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