Impressions: Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara Episode 4


We’re back with another episode of the only anime I watch this season.

Yayy Kohaku finally enters the group. We already know from the stories of her damaging and destroying properties of the school that she is very lively and energetic. And well, she sure is. All the other students seem to be enjoying her magic. So much so, they immediately ask her to do her tricks after her return from studying overseas. Despite being hesitant, she quickly gives in to their request.

Kohaku Magic

Kohaku’s magical abilities are impressive. It is far superior than what Hitomi can deliberately do. Also, the main reason Kohaku uses her magic is to make everybody else happy. It is to amuse her friends in a way that’s just a little bit overboard but still acceptable. It is her way of having fun and making others having fun too.

It is revealed that the train magic early in the episode is unintentionally done by Hitomi. We, the audience already know that she has talent in magic but now, she herself is told that by Kohaku. Talent is still nothing if she can’t consciously control it though. But since she can now draw trains in the sky, I take it that she has improved considerably?

Drawing train in the sky.png

Whop, they revealed the secret of her coming from the future to the club members pretty early. I thought this anime was gonna use their oblivion as something dramatic in the future but I guess not. Which is a good thing.

Future secret revealed

Looks like Yuito has a conflict with Hitomi’s time travel particularly the uncertainty of her going back to her current time or not. This is probably going to be the one of the main climactic conflict of the anime, other than Hitomi’s colour blindness. We also learned another interesting fact about Yuito. He isn’t at all interested in being an artist. It’s a bit weird considering how passionate he seems when drawing on his tablet.

Hitomi and Kohaku

Kohaku might be the one to have the most positive impact on Hitomi’s hopelessness and depression so far. I get the sense that Hitomi might hate or at least dislike the sudden action of her grandmother sending her to the past but the young Kohaku is actually very comforting. Kohaku’s the one to give confidence towards Hitomi and her magic, encouraging her to be Kohaku’s mage partner and create even bigger miracles than Kohaku ever could. In the end of the episode, Hitomi decided to follow through by having her first assignment, drawing trains in the sky.

Yuito Fish
Okay what’s up with this fish??

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