Steins; Gate 0: A Sequel To an Already Perfect Ending

Steins Gate Zero 1

Hey there friends! Okay so I’m gonna talk about Steins; Gate 0 now. Firstly, Steins; Gate 0 is a really great anime. Watch it if haven’t already and also watch the original Steins; Gate. They are some of the best anime of all time, trust me.

If you’re not familiar with the series, let me explain to you the basic premise of the anime. This is a time travel anime and the series has 3 major worldlines, the first is alpha worldline, the second is beta worldline and the third is the Steins; Gate worldline. The alpha and beta worldlines are dystopian worldlines just in different ways but the Steins; Gate worldline is the utopian worldline which is the worldline that the characters are trying to pursue.

Most sequels don’t do justice to the prequel especially when the prequel already has a ‘perfect ending’. When the ending of a prequel is so good, the sequel usually ruins the prequel making its ending quite insignificant in some ways. And I dare say that the ending of the original Steins; Gate is already as ‘perfect’ it is.

Which is why Steins; Gate Load Region of Deja Vu, the sequel movie of the original Steins; Gate is very much forgettable because the story doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t need to exist. The ending of Steins; Gate is already perfect so to add anything to it would just ruin it.

Amadeus Kurisu

However, Steins; Gate 0, while being a ‘sequel’ to the original Steins; Gate, is not exactly a sequel per se. To say it’s a story in between the beginning of the original Steins; Gate and the ending is true but not very accurate, rather it’s the same story in a different worldline. A worldline where Okabe, the main character fails to save Kurisu. A worldline where World War 3 happens. A worldline of endless suffering. A dystopian worldline, the worst possible worldline to ever exist. It is the story of HOW they get to the Steins; Gate worldline, a worldline of idealistic utopia where every character lives and a very peaceful world exists.

Because is it not exactly a sequel, it doesn’t ruin the ending of Steins; Gate. It is not a side story either because this particular story ultimately leads up to the ending of the original Steins; Gate. It is a story which explains the questions which are left unanswered in the original Steins; Gate. It is basically the expansion of an already great story, thus making it even greater. Steins; Gate 0 quite literally managed to build upon an already perfect ending that the original Steins; Gate had offered.

Steins Gate Zero 3

I really love the way the series handles the characters. All the characters in any worldlines are really believable. They feel genuine no matter what situation they are tossed into. They feel like the same person even if the experience they have is very different in different worldlines. Daru still feels like Daru no matter which experience he faces, whether the apocalyptic World War 3 or the peaceful world or meeting with the delusional HOUOUIN KYOUMA or the highly depressed Okabe, he will still be Daru through and through. Suzuha also still feels like Suzuha no matter what year or even worldline she is from. Sure, she has different memories of certain events because of the shift in worldlines but ultimately, Suzuha is Suzuha. The same goes to all the other characters, they all feel genuine to their own personalities. To have that kind of consistency with a story full of worldline shifting and time leaping is to me, the evidence of great character writing.

After watching the ending of Steins; Gate 0, I actually had a couple of questions and things that I didn’t understand. But after thinking it through, everything starts to make sense. However, I do have one question that keeps on bugging me. It’s gonna be a bit spoilery from here.

Steins Gate Zero 5

Isn’t Yuki working with DURPA? Isn’t she the black suit helmet person who attacks Okabe and his friends the first time in lab and the second time to steal Kurisu’s Laptop? If it isn’t her, who is it?? There are many hints as to why I suspect her to be involved with the attack. The most obvious is the injury. In the first attack, The black helmet attacker injured her wrist after being kicked by Suzuha. Later in the episode, it is shown that Yuki’s wrist was also injured. Her friends asked her how she injured her wrist but she just shrugged it off as clumsiness. During the second attack, the black helmet attacker injured her fingers and later in the episode, it is shown that Yuki also injured her fingers. This theory is a little bit illogical considering she will marry Daru and give birth to Suzuha in the future. However, I honestly don’t think the injuries are mere coincidence. Professor Reyes was revealed to be the black helmet person but I don’t know, it doesn’t feel like that’s all there is to it. At least, that’s what I think… *Spoiler ends here*

Steins Gate Zero 4

I have to say that personally, I enjoyed the original Steins; Gate more than Steins; Gate 0 not because one is objectively superior or inferior to the other but because of the shock element. When I watched Steins; Gate, I didn’t know what was to come so the impact of some of the plot twists hit me hard both logically and emotionally. However, when I watched Steins; Gate 0, I already knew what Steins; Gate was and what it had to offer so the impact was decreased. However, Steins; Gate 0 is full of tribulations and suffering which made me immensely emotional throughout the series. I also teared up a couple of times so that’s a really great plus.

In conclusion, this has to be one of the best anime I’ve ever watched. I highly recommend watching it but I think many people have already watched this anime anyway.

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