Joshiraku: Their Clothes and Their Hairstyles


Joshiraku is a very funny show. Their first joke is a freaking 4th wall breaker and that actually caught me off guard. Since it is an adaptation of a very dialogue heavy manga, the characters question why someone would want adapt it as an anime in the first place. That particular moment was what made me decide to continue watching this anime until the end. I highly recommend anyone who is into comedy anime to give this a try. The jokes can get a little random and a bit too Japanese at times, meaning that only Japanese people would mostly understand the jokes but even with that, I still think it’s a great comedy anime.

Well I’m not here to review the anime wholly. Rather, I want to point out one particular aspect of the anime which I find very interesting. You see, this anime usually sets in the dressing room of the girl’s working place in a comedy theater. However, every episode, there is a section where the characters go outside of their dressing room and into the city, like going out to the mall or to the amusement park or the hot spring.

Joshiraku Outfit 3

So what I like to observe during this particular section is their clothes and their hairstyles. They actually change their style of clothes and hairstyle every time they go out. It made me appreciate about the people animating them yes, but also about how the characters want to present themselves in the outside world. I mean, it’s pretty common for us to want to look good when we set ourselves outside of our comfortable domain which is our homes. I’d say it’s unnatural if people don’t care about their appearance even the slightest. So to see anime characters also think about it when they go out is actually really refreshing to me.

They really do look better when they go out as opposed to when they are in the dressing room. We can tell that even if they don’t take long before choosing which cloth to wear and which hairstyle suits them the most, they at least put some effort into it. That makes them, well, normal human and it feels really close to home.

Joshiraku 2.jpg

Also, I learned that the longer hair you have, the more variety of hairstyle you can choose from. At least in the context of this anime because that’s what it showed me. Characters with shorter hair don’t change their hairstyle very often but characters with longer hair change it every time they go out. So because of that, I am with the impression of longer hair means more freedom and choice… Or something like that.

All in all, I really appreciate this particular aspect of the anime and the anime itself is pretty great. For that reason, here are the screenshots of all their getup when they go out. Let us all appreciate them together……. And then start an occult club!!!


Joshiraku Outfit 10
This is their normal rakugo costume


Joshiraku Outfit Cool Biz
They even have their ‘Cool Biz’ costume during the summer


Kukuru Hairstyle
My favourite hairstyle out of all

I just found out that someone actually wrote about their fashion sense and rank them according to the most stylish and the most terrible. You can read it here. Though he stopped blogging even before I started blogging… Which is quite sad.

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