Just Because: My Favourite Ship Sunk

Just because 2

I’m gonna throw spoilers a little while later. But yes, my favourite ship in this anime sunk, which is very frustrating. Before I go any further, I’m just gonna tell you how I feel about this anime as a whole. I actually enjoyed it. A lot. However, looking back at it after some time finishing it, I realized that there aren’t many things that I like about this anime. I am a romance sucker so I like it for the basic reason that it’s a romance anime. I also like it because of its melodramatic atmosphere and the last reason I like about this anime is Komiya. Other than that, I don’t really like other ships that are available and I don’t particularly like all the other characters. They’re all very gloomy and always have a negative vibe. Because of this, I think the only reason I watch this anime is because of Komiya. She more or less single handedly lifts this anime up, in my opinion. I don’t really recommend anyone to watch this anime really but if you’re a romance sucker, you might find something you’d enjoy out of this anime.

*With that out of the way, let’s get to the spoilers and my sunk favourite ship*

Like I said, I love Komiya and I would immensely prefer Izumi to end up with her instead of Natsume. But as you know, it doesn’t happen. Instead, Izumi confessed to Natsume one freaking month after they stopped talking to each other… pathetic. Now, there are many reasons why I like Komiya as a person and why I think she deserves the win way more.


Komiya is the only character who is decisive in this anime. The other characters are all wishy washy with their feelings and have the ‘should I or should I not’ kind of attitude. I mean ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS ARE LIKE THAT except Komiya. She is very decisive and very persistent. Her photography club is supposed to shut down because of lack of activities and awards so for weeks, she keeps going outside and take various pictures hoping that one of them turns out good to be able participate in a photography competition. With this award, she has the opportunity to renegotiate about her club’s disbandment.

She’s also very decisive with her feelings. She doesn’t fall for Izumi earlier in the series because she’s so focused on saving her club. However, later she finds out about her true feelings and immediately decided to go for it. She doesn’t wait, she chases Izumi immediately after she realized her feelings towards him, unlike her rival. She… she deserves to win…

Izumi Komiya

She is very energetic and optimistic than pretty much any other characters in the series. Everybody else are very melancholic and always have this sad and hopeless vibe to them. Komiya, on the other hand is always very positive and cheerful. Whenever she’s on screen, you’d always have a smile over your face. You’ll feel very hopeful, relieved and relaxed whenever she’s around. She’s just incredibly likable. I honestly don’t know why Izumi doesn’t choose her… why…

Izumi and Komiya also seem to have a great chemistry together. This may be because of the fact that Komiya is kind of pushy (in a very adorable, not annoying way) and the fact that he accepts her easily even though he doesn’t particularly like her in the beginning. Their banters and simple conversations with each other are just so much BETTER THAN NATSUME!!! Even other characters in the anime acknowledge that they have good chemistry. Haruto, Izumi’s best friend for instance knows that it’s very difficult for Izumi to talk to girls but notices that Komiya manages to break his wall pretty easily. YET IZUMI STILL DOESN’T CHOOSE HER!!!

Komiya Cry
Why, God of anime? Why did you do this to her?!

I’m going to freaking write a fanfiction continuing after the anime where Izumi and Natsume are in their relationship but then they find out that they are not really compatible with each other and decided to break up after dating for like a year and half or so. At that time, Komiya is still in touch with Izumi by occasionally texting him about the events of her photography club and how she manages to attract a few juniors to join the club. Komiya, being very respectful towards Izumi’s relationship doesn’t mention even once about Izumi’s relationships and Izumi, being very respectful towards Komiya’s feelings never once talked about his relationship either. Both of them are just comfortable texting each other after they’ve conveyed all their feeling to their heart’s content. Then somehow Komiya managed to get to the same university as Izumi?? Okay, this is bad. At this rate, I’m just thinking of how they could be together… Hmm… maybe I should just write their text exchanges for one and half year or something…

Well, this post is basically a childish rant about how a series didn’t go exactly as what I wanted it to be. In the beginning, the anime isn’t that bad but after some time, Komiya is the only reason I kept on watching this anime. It would be a very boring anime without her. If you like Natsume and the other couple, you might enjoy the anime way more than I did.

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