Gamers: Misunderstandings At Their Finest


I recently rewatched Gamers and I love it. I rarely watched the same thing twice so when I do, it means I enjoyed the hell out of it. While the name of this anime suggests that it’ll be an anime about gaming, it’s actually not. It’s a romantic comedy anime. A good one that is.
I like that they first show the cliches of what an average highschool anime could be but then tweak it and become unique. Amano, the main character is invited to the game club. After the invitation, the direction of the anime really looks like it is going to be the cliche club anime and the characters are going to, as the name of the anime suggests, play video games. BUT, Amano flat out rejects the invitation in the end.

Amano and Hoshinomori
Best friendship ever!!!

Another example of the tweak is Amano’s relationship with Hoshinomori. They first talked because Amano wants some practice talking with girls so Hoshinomori is picked as the ‘practice girl’ because she also loves gaming. After talking, they realize that they have so much in common and they’re basically the mirror of themselves. They have the same taste, the same games they played, the same playing style, they call by their first names, and just when you think they’d become a destined couple, they end up having a big fight and eventually hating each other because of some slight disagreement in the world of gaming. And let me get this straight, they’re not hating but secretly in love with each other, no. They genuinely hate each other, no ulterior motive.
The characters are not in the same class or the same club. That’s pretty great for me because other comedy anime, they’re always in the same class or club. At least I get something refreshing. The ships are also great to me. It doesn’t show them dating as much as they misunderstand things though but I really really appreciate they don’t mess up with the earlier ships. The love triangle by the end could potentially ruin everything, I’m so glad it didn’t happen.

Amano and Hoshinomori 2

I love misunderstandings in a romantic comedy. Misunderstandings are the backbone of any romantic comedy. How they set up those misunderstandings or how the misunderstandings happen in the first place is crucial as it defines if it’s a good or a bad romantic comedy. I can confidently say that this a really great romantic comedy anime. Some might find the misunderstandings quite redundant and unnecessarily stretched out but I think it’s perfect. The misunderstandings happen quite naturally compared to other romantic comedy anime. People don’t just stumble upon each other during a very serious talk and then create misunderstandings, it’s actually a little different.
After misunderstandings happen, the characters even try to to have a meeting and talk with each other to clear up all the misunderstandings they all have… on many occasions!!! But even with all their efforts, the chaos only seem to get even more chaotic. I don’t know about you guys but I find them really funny. Though, if the misunderstandings occur in a drama, and run for an unnecessary amount of time, I won’t like it either. But this is comedy and not only can they get away with it, but they even utilize the element. The best moment of the anime for me is Amano’s confession. That’s just comedy gold moment for me.

Trying to resolve all the misunderstandings…

Okay I generally watch anime in dub version whenever it is available. So on my first watch, I watched the dub version. This time around, since I watched it the second time, I tried the sub. After 4 episodes I switched back to the dub. There are just some special charms in the dub which make me prefer it over the sub. One example is that the sub doesn’t make much joke that has reference to gaming while the dub does. It means that some lines, the dub completely changes them and make them related to games. It is a totally necessary move for me considering the characters ARE gamers so it’s only natural for them to make game references and pick up a few lines from games into their real like conversations.

Another significant change in the dub is that they completely abandon Hoshinomori’s cuteness. I honestly think it’s better. To compensate for the change, they make Hoshinomori a hundred times more snarky and I really love that. Seeing her and Amano roast each other back and forth is really entertaining. Because of Hoshinomori’s snarkiness, she more or less always wins.
So Gamers is a really good anime to me. It feels similar yet distinct from other romantic comedy. I enjoyed it a lot. If you wanna watch it, I suggest watching the dub version but hey, that’s just me.

Urehara's Monologue
Urehara’s monologue expressions are priceless

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