Hina Festival: I Feel Really Bad for Hitomi

Hitomi 4

I’m pretty sure many people watched last season’s Hinamatsuri/ Hina Festival right? It’s one of the highlights of last season. Well of course, last season’s anime were a bit sporadic, having so many ‘highlight of the season’ anime To the point there was not one anime that got exclusive focus from the fandom. Not even My Hero Academia.

In any case, I love Hina Festival. It’s one the funniest anime I’ve ever watched (The funniest is SKET Dance. I haven’t watched Gintama, I’m so sorry). Now I’ve even finished reading the manga until the latest chapter, waiting very patiently for more chapters to come. The characters are interesting, funny most of the time and have character growth.Most of the comedic timing is just perfect. It also has some very emotional and touching moments especially when (best girl) Anzu is on screen. Those are my favourite moments in the anime.

But I’m here to focus on only one girl which is Hitomi. Now I honestly think that her character is… pitiful. I mean, yes what happens to her is pretty funny and I did laugh sometimes but all the things that happen to her is just so awful. She is forced to be an under-aged bartender, forced to work multiple jobs despite having to also attend school and she overworks herself until she collapsed.

Hitomi 3

While she has all the talent far superior from the people her age and able to keep her sanity even when a crap ton of crazy things happen to her, no one seems to acknowledge or appreciate her. To me, she’s only been used by all the big corporations. Well she does get a ton of job offers and get praised for how perfect her work is and how hardworking she is but other than that, there’s not much.

Worse is that she actually asks for other people’s help many times but they always reject her. Utako is the main cause of her misery so I kinda hate her. Her classmates know nothing about her circumstances. Her homeroom teacher is just an idiot. Heck, even her mother makes her situation worse! The most helpful is only Nitta, giving her encouraging words every now and then. Basically no one comes to her rescue, not even her mom . Finally, she just accepts the chaotic life that’s thrown to her. That’s just… pitiful.

Hitomi 2

Although yes, it is shown to us in a very comedic manner, I can’t help but feel really bad for her. I also feel bad for laughing at her circumstances (even though I have to admit, they are funny). However, after watching her for so long and reading the manga, I think I grew on with her situation now especially after the 3 years time skip where she’s more capable and look more mature.

This feeling of mine might take away some of the enjoyments of the series from me but I still enjoy it for the most part. As far as I can remember, this is the only time where I feel pity for a character even though the reason behind the character’s misery is comedic.

Here’s a decent picture of her

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