I’ve Read Quite a Few Manga Lately

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As mentioned in the title, yes I’ve read a lot of manga lately. At least a lot for me. I actually don’t read manga that much because I’m a really slow reader. In fact, I actually don’t really need manga at all (aside from some shoujo manga that that are translated into my local language). I only watch anime for the most part. However recently I somehow read a considerable number of manga because…. I don’t have a choice.

Okay so, I actually started my internship program under my college two months ago and my workplace is quite far from my house. It’s a two hours train ride going to work and another two hours going home from work. So basically I spend around 4 hours every day on the train… standing up (because I’m young so of course they’ll be other older people who need the seats more than I do). I don’t wanna waste my time daydreaming on the train as it’ll be boring real quick so I decided to read manga on the train. Well sometimes I write but most of the time, I read manga. I definitely don’t scroll social media though. For some reason, it’s the least interesting thing to do on the train.

Anyway, yea I read a few manga since the start of my internship because of the train. I managed to read Silver Spoon, Baby Steps, Skilled Teaser Takagi-san, Skilled Teaser (Former) Takagi-san, Hina Festival, The Reality of Co-ed Highschool and Dice until the latest chapter and I managed to finish SKET Dance and Masamune’s Revenge. Almost all these manga have an anime so I read all these from after the anime stops. I think it’s quite pointless to read the manga from the beginning when we have already watched the anime unless there are VERY important chapters which the anime left out (For example, The World God Only Knows). Currently, I’m reading Kaguya-sama Love is War. It’s quite funny. I like it so far.

As I mentioned, I don’t usually read manga so I’m quite impressed with myself. In this particular case, I’m actually glad to be spending 4 hours daily on a train because if not, I don’t think I’ll read as much manga as I did. The momentum that I have right now might make me read manga even after my internship… hopefully.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Read Quite a Few Manga Lately

    • Hey! Molester Man seems to be the type of manga I’d like. The name though… If no one recommended it to me I don’t think I’d even check the synopsis lol. As for Train Man, I honestly don’t know what to expect from them but I’ll definitely them a shot. Thank you for the recommendations!!! I’ll tell you my opinion on them once I finished reading them.

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