Kimi ni Todoke: The Most Shoujo Anime I’ve Ever Watched!


This is, by far the most shoujo anime I have ever watched. Just look at how shoujo it is!!! Anime can’t POSSIBLY be more shoujo than this.

That said, I actually watched it till the end. It has 2 seasons with 25 episodes for the first season and 12 episodes in the second season.

The first season is pretty… meh. Well it’s decent in a way that it’s everything you expect a shoujo anime would be. You know, the normal stuff. An outcasted main girl who falls in love with the popular guy who always helps her and treats everyone equally. The second season, however, is downright awful. It has little to no plot or character development. It focuses solely on the main couple disregarding the other more captivating potential couples they could’ve explored. Most importantly, the plot is just unnecessary sloooowwww. I mean seriously, if you have two freaking episodes only to have the main girl contemplating whether or not she should give her valentine chocolate to her crush, that’s a little too much. Do they cover like half a chapter of the manga in one episode or something??

Kimini Todoke Gif

What I like about this anime is that it’s not so much about Sawako, the main girl chasing her dream guy but rather about her wanting to improve herself. She wants to make more friends, she wants to be more friendly, she wants to be more approachable, she wants to have fun. All of this is made possible by Kazehaya, the main guy in this series and since this is a shoujo anime, it adds sprinkles of romance into it their relationship. Well not exactly sprinkles, more like pours loads of romance into it. If you’re a romance sucker like me, you’d probably find some things enjoyable in this series. If you’re not, better for you to find another anime to watch.

If you wanna watch something similar to this, I think Lovely Complex is much better. I like that anime a lot. It’s about a girl who is taller than an average boy’s height who falls for a guy who is shorter than an average girl’s height. It has more comedy, more interesting characters and more character development. The best thing is that ALL the characters speak in Kansai dialect.

So overall From Me To You/ Kimi ni Todoke is only passable to me. If you wanna watch it then, go ahead but if you don’t, you’re not missing anything. If you do watch, however, you could brag about watching the most shoujo anime ever! Like, “oh you watched a shoujo anime? But is it more shoujo than… KIMI NI TODOKE??” BOOOMMM YOU AUTOMATICALLY AND EFFORTLESSLY WON YOUR DEBATE AGAINST THE EVIL OPPOSITION!!!

Because I watched this anime, I suddenly have a powerful urge to watch Blue Spring Ride. I’ll probably watch it in the near future.

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