Sakura Quest: Freesia English Lyrics

As the gentle wind blows through me
I feel so lonely
No one to talk to
May I rely on you?

We are running away from
Our mistakes and blunders
But we should learn and move forward

Our past, our selves, we all want to change
But we’re afraid it is all out of our range
(all of us might seem a bit too strange)

Thank you, for the, memories and all the light
I will always remember and hold them tight
Till the day we meet again
Hey now look!

All this while I’ve been telling you, the unspeakable feelings that I am going through
All this time I wanted so long, to become the person that is out of the norm
I can see myself, even though I didn’t believe it then
Thanks to you, I’m now in a place where I call it home


Yes… I wrote an English version lyrics of Sakura Quest first ED. This is legit my first time writing lyrics for a song. I guess choosing a song that already has the melody, the story and the lyrics in another language is easier…? Because you have guide which is the direct English translation of the song so maybe it’s easier than writing lyrics from scratch?

In any case, I’ve done this. I could say that I’m quite proud of this haha. There are some parts where I think need to be changed but I have no idea how to change it so I’ll just leave it at that. But hey, it’s singable so that’s good enough for me. Maybe I might try writing other anime songs in English next time.

So yea if you wanna use this, you’re most welcome. If any of you managed to edit and change the lyrics and make it become better, YOU HAVE TO SHOW IT TO ME!!! Seriously, I wanna see the better version of this so that I can sing the new lyrics in my head all day long.

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