The Dark Horror Genre in Anime

Horror anime

I have a confession… I have never watched a single horror genre anime in my life. Not even the popular anime, Another. Okay another confession… I actually don’t know what classifies an anime as a horror. If something like Future Diary or Death Note is considered a ‘horror anime’ than I’ve watched quite a few of anime like that. If horror anime should be similar to usual horror movies, than I don’t think I’ve watched any. Is there any real horror anime to begin with?

Let me classify first, the horror genre is really not my preference whether it’s anime, movies or series. I just don’t enjoy watching them. They only made me depressed after watching them and made me question about everything around me. I mean, anything could be a ghost, right? After watching a horror movie, I always wonder why people make the movie in the first place. Or why some people tend to really enjoy watching these kinds of shows.

Horror anime 2.png

So when it comes to anime, these kinds of shows got the least attention from me. It’ll be my last choice to start watching a series. There are many anime that actually intrigued me like Black Lagoon and Higurashi no Naku Koroni but because it’s dark and horror, I am hesitant to watch them and postpone in starting to watch them.

So overall, horror genre is my least favourite and even if I’m trying to get into the genre, I don’t think I’ll get far haha. If you have any ‘horror’ anime that you think a newbie like me would be entertained to watch, feel free to share with me!

Until then, goodbye everyone ~

2 thoughts on “The Dark Horror Genre in Anime

  1. Interestingly, I wouldn’t class Black Lagoon as a horror, more a dark action thriller. At the same time, I would say that Death Note has horror elements, though I know nto everyone classes it as such. I can’t remember the last striaght up horror that I watched, but there are a lot of top ten anime horror lists out there.

    I know ‘Another’ and Shiki’ often turn up in the lists, but I’ve not watched either. ‘School-Live!’ aka ‘Gakkougurashi!’ is very good though.


  2. If you aren’t into horror in any other medium it seems unlikely you will get into horror anime. That said, if you want to give it a go I’d suggest Higurashi or Shiki. With Higurashi you have violence involving young children if that is going to be a concern. With Shiki you have a very slow build up and large cast (and by fairly slow I mean some people are put off because they find it dull), but it has great atmosphere, some really creepy moments, and a suitably spectacular ending (even if the story kind of derails a bit in the spectacle).


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