Slice of Life, Moe and Comedy in Anime


K on.jpeg

Is there any ‘slice of life’ drama out there other than anime? Well usually it is associated with comedy.

Slice of life, by definition should explore the representation of our lives. It should represent our daily lives in a realistic manner. It is usually about people’s ordinary life routine which more often than not, is mundane.

However, anime seems to be doing quite the opposite. True, they are still about ordinary daily lives but somehow they managed to make it more interesting than it should be. Slice of life is usually combined with comedy and Moe.

Most, if not all slice of life anime are centered around comedy. They try to make EVERYTHING funny, and usually it works. Granted it’s not one of those laugh out loud moments but those jokes make me at least smile and be grateful that I chose to watch this anime instead of some other grim and depressed series.

Another thing that anime usually focuses on in the slice of life genre is cute girls. The ‘cute girls doing cute things’ phrase is still relevant until now. Because really, these anime just show girls and… that’s it. But because of these girls, people, such as me like to just watch them do ordinary stuff… just because they’re cute. We, the audience have fun watching these cute innocent girls having fun with their lives… and that’s it. That’s how we get satisfaction from watching these shows. To know that there are still good in this world.


I love watching these kinds of shows. It’s not something very dramatic or profound or even thrilling. It’s just watching a medium of entertainment with the most relaxed and cheerful mind. We watch anime because we want to ‘escape’ reality for a while right? We watch it to calm ourselves down from our hectic life. We watch it to fill our desire to look at cute anime girls.

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