Shounen Anime

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It’s safe to say that shounen anime is the most popular genre of anime. From the big three of Naruto, One Piece and Bleach, shounen anime somehow wins the audience attention including myself.

I really don’t get how the shounen anime is categorized. It’s basically anime targeted towards young boys right? Is that the only category that they narrow? I mean, sure whatever young boys like, right? Of course the most popular is action series. But young boys also like comedy and cute girls. Are those anime considered shounen? How come Death Note is considered shounen? It barely has any action scenes!!!

Many shounen anime series are long with over 100 episodes. This is a turn off for me. Most of the time, I avoid these shows just because it’s very long! Now, I know that some of these shows are in fact really good. I’ve heard many good stuff about the world of One piece, the fighting mechanism in Hunter X Hunter and the story of Soul Eater. However, it’ll take quite a while, meaning a couple of episodes for me to REALLY get invested in these shows. For some reason, I just can’t get through the first few episodes! Sometimes, it’ll take like 10 episodes before things really get interesting so just uhh… I better watch a season of a comedy anime…


The only shounen anime that can be considered long running that I watched is sports anime particularly Kuroko no Basuke. The reason is because I watched it while it was airing and that it’s super engaging from the get-go. Another anime is the recent My Hero Academia, also because I watched it when it aired. Other than that, I… tend to not get involved with any of them.

I like shounen anime because it’s engaging. Anime like Attack on Titan or sports anime like Haikyuu, they just keep me invested in the action scenes from beginning to end. There’s no time for me to rest. I have to know what happens next and I have to know NOW!!! And because of that… I’ll keep on coming back to this very cliché genre.


2 thoughts on “Shounen Anime

  1. Cliches exist because they work. While they might become over used and can be used lazily, the basic idea that something has become cliche indicates that for whatever reason people enjoy it. Shounen fits squarely into this. We know more or less how the story will go and what will happen in the character progression, but it is still great fun to watch unfold.

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  2. If you haven’t watched Hunter x Hunter (2011), then I highly recommend doing so. Unlike other shounen entries, HxH manages to stay fresh throughout (creativity-wise) and somehow avoids the pacing problems many other shows in the genre have (One Piece). You won’t be able to stop watching. Nice post!


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