Takanashi X Inami is The Cutest Anime Couple Ever!


Okay not really. My favourite couple is probably Okabe and Kurisu from Steins;Gate. But we’re not here to talk about them, we’re here to talk about a couple in an anime I just finished recently. Working! (it’s an anime title).

*Spoilers ahead so proceed with caution*

Working! Has two main ships. One is Satou and Todoroki and another one is Takanashi and Inami. Obviously, my favourite couple in this series is the latter. The main reason is because Inami blushes ALL the time and that makes the mundane and cliché scenes cute and adorable.

So yes, first of all, Inami is seriously cute. Appearance wise and personality wise. Appearance wise, she blushes all the time and everybody in the anime community knows that when an anime girl blushes, she automatically becomes a hundred times cuter even if her personality is not. Personality wise, she has a phobia called androphobia, the fear of men. She fears men so much to the point she will punch any man within two metres radius. Having this phobia, she has a lot of problem interacting with guys. Because of this, she really wants to get rid of it. Her great effort of holding back her reaction of punching men is super cute. It becomes cuter when Takanashi becomes the victim of her punches. Her feelings towards him doesn’t come immediately. Or rather, she doesn’t realize it immediately. By the time she realizes it, I already know I want her to end up with him so bad. Thankfully, she does and I’m really really happy seeing them together.


Takanashi first meets Inami in the office room getting punched by her. His first impression towards her is quite bad (well it’s only normal for a him to think about a girl who punches him on the initial meeting). Later, he becomes Inami’s punching bag because he is assigned by the manager of the restaurant to cure her androphobia. He is hesitant at first but as time goes by, somewhere along the line, he starts to do it willingly. Shortly after, he falls in love with her. When he realizes it, he goes to the extend of denying his feelings mostly because Inami doesn’t attribute to the ‘small’ category he is obsessed with. This is probably my favourite phrase of the romance development. He keeps on denying even though the answer is really obvious. Everyone else notices it and gives him hints after hints but he’s just to stubborn to acknowledge it. Even after Yamada Kirio spills it out to him directly, he still denies it. The only person who can confront him and stop his denial is his mother. That’s when he finally accepts and acknowledges his true feelings. And I’m happy for that.

There aren’t many scenes of them together as a couple. But the little scenes that they do show is enough for me to root for them. Inami’s androphobia is cured with the help of Takanashi. Takanashi’s obsession over small and cute things are greatly toned down because of Inami. This is a really good character development considering it’s a comedy anime. All in all, they are just so cute together. That’s what really matters to me. I love this ship.

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