Working! (Wagnaria!) Review



Takanashi Souta is persuaded by the cute and small Taneshima Popura to work part time in a family restaurant called Wagnaria. Due to his fondness over small and cute things, Takanashi accepted the offer. Little does he know that the restaurant are full of weird and eccentric people. But, he himself is weird too…


I started watching this anime only for stress relieve. I didn’t expect it to be that good. Judging by the cover alone I thought it was just another comedy anime. It turns out that it is more than that. The comedy, for one really hits my taste and the plot too is really compelling especially when they are given a chance to make multiple seasons.

This anime actually has three seasons. In the first season, it stays to its true nature as it focuses more on the comedy element. The first season ends without concluding anything. Or rather, it doesn’t conclude enough. But season 2 onwards, they take the advantage to explore the background stories of some of the characters. It gets better as the series goes and after many new characters are introduced. They also have a nicely concluded story especially the two main couple. Talking about couple, the main ship is really good. I approve it. I love it to death and I’m very happy to see them end up together. The other couple is not as good…


The characters in this anime is pretty interesting and weird. To give you an idea of what kind of eccentric characters the anime has, the main character Takanashi Souta is obsessed over small things. He develop this obsession because all his sisters are really tall. Taneshima Popura is really small and short. Naturally, Takanashi loves her for her height. Kyouko Shirafuji is the manager of the restaurant but rarely do any work as she will make it worse. Todoroki brings a sword with her AT ALL TIMES due to her insecurities. Satou Jun looks intimidating but kind. Souma Hiroomi knows everyone’s secret and personal information. He uses them to blackmail everyone. As you can see, they are pretty interesting and funny. Even the supporting characters are funny in their own ways. Not to mention the chemistry between characters works so well. The interactions, although meant for quirky punch lines feel so natural.

The jokes in this anime is really good. However, in order for the jokes to really hit you, you need to be familiarized with the characters first. If you don’t, the jokes might not be as funny as they want to be. If you are familiar with the characters, you’ll find the comedy blends really well and fits the tone of the anime perfectly. In fact, the comedy is the element I enjoyed the most. Also, there’s virtually no fan service either in the visual or the comedy. That’s a real plus for me.


The animation and music is pretty mediocre. I’ll give the credit more on the animation and bright colour because they do a great job at setting a comedic atmosphere. The music however is forgettable. At least, it’s not my taste. None of the opening or the ending is my type of tea.

I’d say I really had a great time watching this. The anime took advantage of the running time and explore more on the story, the jokes are mostly hit for me and the characters are hilarious. I recommend this anime especially to those who love comedy.

~ 8 out of 10 ~

 ~ Great ~

2 thoughts on “Working! (Wagnaria!) Review

  1. I’ve never really given watching this anime much thought but it kind of looks like it might be worth a try. Will add to my list of anime I want to eventually check out. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Yea it’s worth it. There’s another season of Working called ‘WWW.Working’. The setting is the same but it has a whole different cast. It’s is not bad but I like this one better. You’re welcome.

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