Two Years Mark: The Only 2016 Anime That I watched


Two years have passed very fast. The upside is that I managed to hold on to this blog for this long which is to me, great. The downside is that I haven’t been posting much. However, I’m a very stubborn guy. Even though this blog is pretty much on a shutdown phase, I still don’t want to stop blogging. That’s why I keep on coming to this blog even after a long sudden hiatus. I’ll say this over and over again, I’m not stopping this blogging thing anytime soon.

Because I started this blog at the end of the year, I decided to celebrate its birthday by writing about every anime that I watched that came out in that particular year. Last time, I managed to write on time. This time, it got a bit delayed. But hey, it’s better late than never right? So these are ALL the anime that came out in 2016 that I actually watched. They’re more than last year…

1) Erased (8/10)


Gotta start with this anime. It was so hyped when it aired. It’s almost impossible for anyone to ignore it. I enjoyed this anime and I see it as a thriller more than a mystery. I mean, it’s pretty obvious who the killer is. Now I’m not a very detailed person. I don’t watch the anime with very deep analysis about the characters’ characteristics or the plot like many other people did. (Seeing all those analysis really made it look like I was supposed to watch it with deep thoughts). But I can say that the anime is really good. You should watch it. The first few episodes really grips your attention.

2) Sakamoto Desu ga? (8/10)


This anime is super funny. I never thought a story about a perfect guy would even be possible. But this anime did it superbly. It might be a bit repetitive for some but I think if you don’t binge watch it, the repetitiveness won’t be noticed as much. This anime, despite mostly being a comedy, also has some kind of story. I had a good laugh watching this anime so I think I should share the laughs with you.

3) Gate (6/10)


I really like the premise of the series and I especially like it when the real world overpower the fantasy world. Seeing the fantasy world’s soldier getting obliterated is kind of… fun. Yes, Seeing them struggling to win by deploying a large amount of troops and analyzing possible strategies when I now it’s impossible is fun. But other than that, there’s nothing much the show can offer. The main character, Itami seems to be pretentious. I don’t understand why he goes through all that trouble saving people when he is described to choose games over work. Other characters too are pretty forgettable. The nationalism and the political conflict mostly went over my head because I just didn’t give a damn about them.

4) Konosuba (6/10)


First of all, I’d like to say that I freaking love Aqua’s voice when she is desperate. It’s just really attractive. Now, everyone else seems to like this anime but I don’t find the humour that funny. Well, there are some pretty good comedic moments here and there but most of the time, I just didn’t find them funny enough to give it more scores. That said, the characters are pretty interesting and the anime is still quite entertaining.

5) Re: Zero (8/10)


If you watch any anime this year, it’s gotta be this. Re:Zero is the most hyped anime of the year and I think pretty much every anime fan watched this. Like many other anime such as Erased, I started watching this anime because of the supernatural time travel element. At first I kinda hated Subaru because he seemed to resemble Shirou from Fate/Stay Night in terms of his attitude. However a few episodes in, his attitude and personality change for the good and become more realistic. I really enjoyed watching this anime and I would really recommend you to watch it. I didn’t get why Subaru loves Emilia so much but hey, at least there’s Rem. Rem is best girl no contest!

6) Tanaka-kun is Always Listless (4/10)


There’s nothing much to say about this anime really. It’s a comedy anime about a guy who is lazy as hell. And that’s pretty much it. Comedy is heavily reliant on the characters but the characters aren’t that funny to me. Except Tanaka. He’s pretty funny. Other characters are pretty forgettable. I say skip it unless you really have nothing else to watch. If anything, you should only watch it because of Tanaka.

7) Assassination Classroom Season 2 (8/10)


Assassination classroom is pretty enjoyable. I love the characters, the premise and the overall story. Even the first few minutes of the first episode is pretty thrilling. And the ending is sad and unexpected. At least, I didn’t see it coming. I suggest you watch it. It’s really good.

8) Haikyuu Season 3 (8/10)


This season is thrilling as heck!!! Every episode is just so intense. I wouldn’t say the match against Shiratorizawa is better than the match against Aoba Josai, but it’s different in a good way. It has many variety of plays. I’ve grown over the awkward friendly interactions between the characters so I managed to enjoy it more. Even if I haven’t, this season is focused more on the matches so that’s a plus. I doubt they will make more season but if they do, I’d definitely watch it.

9) Sound! Euphonium Season 2 (10/10)



God I love this series. I wrote a review of the first season here. Season 2 is pretty much the same with season one. But instead of focusing on the technical and musical part, it focuses more on the characters and drama. Boy did I have a blast watching the characters’ background stories. The band too feels real and you really want to root for their success. When they perform, you’d feel worried that they might mess things up. If you haven’t watched this series, you should. Also, the best girl changed from Reina to Asuka.

10) Your Name (10/10)


Best of Shinkai Makoto? Probably. I really love Shinkai Makoto’s works. They evoke my emotion and make me feel calm. But his tragic open ended endings always make the movies feel incomplete. So to know that Your Name ends in a ‘happier’ note makes me feel relieved and more satisfied. Other than that, this movie is really easy to recommend to people even if they don’t usually watch anime. I asked some of my friends who don’t watch anime to watch this with me at the cinema. It turned out that they all liked it. I guess I succeed spreading in the love of anime.

11) Shelter (?/?)


Is this considered an anime? Can I actually put it on this list? I think so. The story is pretty simple but touching and sad. I like it so much I actually watch this every single day. It’s like I start my day by watching this video. I’m not a fan of techno music but with the story is so beautiful, I let it slide just this once. This is also another ‘anime’ that can easily be shown to non-anime fan since it’s just six minutes long.

I managed to watch more anime that came out this year compared to last year. Kudos to me!!! I also managed to survive for two years. Again, kudos to me!!! Though, I didn’t post much last year and I think it’ll stay the same this year too. I’m not stopping, that’s for sure. I said this too many times.

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