My First Time Going to an Anime Convention


I’m just going to share with you guys my first experience going to an anime convention. But to clarify and clean things up, it’s not really an anime convention. It’s a comic convention called ‘Comic Fiesta’ but since western comics are not that popular in my country, this conventions seemed to be specifically for anime fans. There were some Marvel and Dc stuffs or even local comics but they were very limited. Alright this post might be lengthy because I’m just going to ramble about my experience without any proper structure. If you think this is too long, just go to ‘read more’ tag and start reading from there. That’s when I actually went inside the convention. So, here goes…

I arrived at the convention centre at about 8:30 in the morning but the event started at 10. I was pretty excited about going to this event actually. That’s why I arrived pretty early (but other people were there as early as 7:00 a.m So that means we were actually late…kinda). I went there by a car with two of my friends. I’m going to call them friend A and friend B. Both of them have never gone to a anime convention before. They were just tagging along with me.

We were supposed to meet my older cousins, two of them at the nearest train station but they were late so we decided to line up and buy the tickets first while waiting for them.

To kill the time while lining up, we…actually didn’t do anything. Yes we did have a chat a little but we’re not talkative enough to be able to have a decent and continuous conversation for more than an hour. We did pretty much nothing. I remember reading Saekano at Nanodesu but I couldn’t really concentrate reading it so that only lasted for so long.

Maybe he was bored or impatient but friend A started to be aggressive by cutting the lines. He signaled us to do the same using his hands and making weird gestures. We rejected his offer because nope we just won’t. We’re good people, we are definitely not going to  – we ended up being as aggressive as him. Screw him for manipulating us to the dark side.

My cousins suddenly phoned me and told me that they have arrived. They asked me to buy the tickets for them while they just wait somewhere else. Okay then, I was in the line anyway so that was no problem at all. However, the problem started after I bought the tickets. There was no reception inside the building. The ticket booth was inside the building of the convention centre while the line was outside the building. The place with no reception was inside the building so it was hard to reach my cousins who were outside after I bought the tickets. Only after multiple tries did I manage to reach them.

They told me that they were at a specific location but I couldn’t understand what they were saying… so I guess, the only option for me was to rummage for them. I told my friends to wait at the front of the entrance while I search for my cousins. I searched for them back and forth for more than enough times until I finally found them. It took me about 15 minutes for me to be able to finally find my cousins. I felt super relieved after I found them. At that time it was about 11.

I’m just going to call them cousin A and cousin B. This was the first time for cousin A to go to this kind of convention. As for cousin B, it was his second time. Basically, we’re all noobs. But anyway, it was good now. I finally reunited with my older cousins. The only thing we had to do was meeting up again with two of my friends and then everything would be fine. Yes, everything is going to be fine. But it’s not! My friends were not at the front of the entrance anymore. Where have they gone? I told you to wait there you bastards!!!

I tried to phone them but the reception was so bad, I didn’t manage to reach them. I seriously didn’t know why the reception was so bad. But luckily after a few tries, I managed to reach friend B. He told me that he went in with another person (let’s call her friend C) and that person is a girl. That’s understandable I guess, but still… He not only split up with me, he even split up with friend A! That was outrageous! But whatever right? That just means I didn’t have to worry about him anymore. I tried to phone friend A multiple times but I just couldn’t reach him. Soon after, I gave up. My cousins and I went inside the convention leaving my friends behind (or rather, they left me behind for that matter). It’s not like they’re going to die without me or anything like that so, I didn’t have to worry about them too much right? I can only blame the horrible reception for this.

So yeah, we went inside the convention (finally the real story starts huh?). I was so clueless when I first went in. I didn’t understand anything. What should I do? Where should I go? I just decided to follow where ever my cousins went. But they too didn’t really know what to do. Basically what we did in the convention was wandering around without any specific destination. We just walked straight while looking at the stuffs we don’t know about in the booths (because I didn’t recognize like 90 percent of the things that I saw). But that’s perfectly fine. I didn’t make any plan to go to a specific place and buy a specific item anyway, so wandering around was what we were supposed to do.

As we were wandering, I still tried to contact friend A (friend B was out of the picture by then) either by calling him or messaging to him. But of course, I couldn’t because of the reception. And to make it worse, my phone battery was draining very fast! Crap it’s now 15 %! How was this possible?? It was 80% just an hour ago. Screw it I’m just going to turn off my phone and just enjoy the convention.

By enjoying the convention, I meant wandering around. I didn’t know what I wanted to buy so I didn’t buy anything yet. The place was so packed to the point that we had to go with the flow of the people. As we were wandering with limited mobility, I tried to find something that might interest me. So far I didn’t find any. Oh wait! I saw a postcard of Saber from the Fate franchise. It’s only five bucks. I have to buy it! But I felt really guilty to even stop in front of the booth and buy it. It was really packed and the flow wouldn’t stop. Oh no, the flow was pushing me away from Saber! No wait I want to buy that postcard! Saber wait. Saber! SABERRRRR!!!!!!

I didn’t manage to buy that postcard *sigh*


In that chaotic moment, I accidentally found a friend of mine from highschool. He was a good friend of mine back in the day. I greeted him but it wasn’t long until we went our separate ways. I was like “Oh hey there. Oh whoops, I have to go now. Bye!” And that was how our reunition ended. This time I blame the people who made the place packed. It was a pity I didn’t get the chance to talk to him properly. The last time we met was two years ago…during our graduation day. But that’s okay, I can always see him on Facebook.

We continued wandering until I decided to turn on my phone, just in case I could reach friend A again. Welp, a miracle happened. He managed to phone me. With a little bit of struggle, we managed to meet each other again in the convention. So now what? We managed to meet up again. What are we suppose to do now?? Well, keep wandering around that is!

I honestly didn’t remember what I saw while we were wandering around. All I remember was that there were many characters and things that I don’t recognize and there were so many people. Actually I remember there were many Daikamura though, because it was hung up at the highest place possible. Everyone could see it. I wonder who would buy that thing? Just imagine if I were to buy it. I would point at one particular daikamura up there and everyone would be able to see what I bought… that’ll be super embarrassing.

It was about 12:40 p.m and none of us bought anything. We looked at the schedule of the convention and we saw an opportunity to rest. Oh man, we were exhausted by then, we just wanted to sit down. The schedule said that there were a cosplay competition at 1 o clock so we decided to go straight to the main stage, sit down on the floor (because there was no chair) and waited for the performance to begin.

The performance was for amateur cosplayers. The rule was to be on the stage and do whatever they want for 60 seconds and then they have to leave the stage. I have to admit, I don’t actually know most of the characters that they cosplay. Out of the many cosplayers that participated the competition, I only know Genos from One Punch Man, Satan from Dragonball, an Ultraman character (I don’t know which), not twin-tailed Hatsune Miku, not pony-tailed Korra and Carlos from Final Fantasy 7. I know them but I haven’t actually watched any of the anime, never played any of the game, and not a fan of the vocloid songs. I felt like I didn’t belong there… There was a fighting performance I might add. It was cool to me even though one of the performancer’s wig fell off.

After watching the show, we decided to have lunch as it was about 1:45 p.m by then. Beside the convention centre, there was a shopping mall so we went there and tried to find a good restaurant to eat. When I first entered the mall, I was stunned. It was the first time I saw so many anime characters walking in a mall. They were talking and walking and eating just like a normal human being. It was a refreshing scene. I like looking at the cosplayers. One of the reasons is because they were wearing short skirts…

We were finally able to get into a restaurant. It was a bit difficult as most of the restaurants in the mall was already full of… anime characters (funny right? Right?). Okay so we sit down, ordered some food and then wait. I turned on my phone again and SUDDENLY, my phone rang. It was friend B. Welp finally he was back in the picture. The reception was perfect in the mall so yeah, he could reach me. I told him that we were at a specific restaurant and then he told me that he would be there in a matter of minutes.

He arrived at the restaurant wearing his newly bought Kaneki wig with friend C. Since there was not enough chairs and room for us to sit in one table (that restaurant too was full), friend C decided to leave us and enjoy the convention alone. So now, everyone was together as we originally planned.

Friend B showed us what he bought and one of it was the Death Note complete with some of Kira’s first murders such as Lind L Taylor, Raye Pember and some other Japanese names that I can’t read. The shocking thing about the note to me is the rules. There are so many rules! The first, what, 30 pages only consist rules about the Death Note. I didn’t remember there were that many rules!

After eating, we went to the convention again and started well, wandering. But this time, together… like we planned. This was around 3:30 p.m. Since I haven’t bought anything yet, I was determined to buy anything at all that caught my interest. I wanted to buy at least one thing. This time, it was easier to stop at booths because the number of people had started to decrease. I managed to buy 4 posters and one illustration book. I don’t really know what I should do with the posters though. I mean, I definitely won’t put it on the walls of my room it’d be too embarrassing. What if my friends come over to my house? Oh no, I’m not going to take the risk. The illustration book is really nice, I’m glad I bought. That’s all I bought.

I bought all I wanted to buy. My cousin and my friend didn’t seem to be interested in anything anymore. So now, all we have to do was going back home right? Well, no because friend A was missing! How the heck did he… is this some kind of joke? There’s nothing wrong with us splitting up. The problem was we couldn’t reach anybody to meet up again because of the freaking bad reception. Thankfully we found him after about half an hour. Thank God!

Okay so now, we were REALLY going home. My cousins went back by train while my friends and I were ready to go home by car. We got into our car (friend A’s car) and started driving. So yea, at about 5:50 p.m, we were at the parking lot going out. At 8:30 p.m, WE WERE STILL AT THE PARKING LOT!!!! What the hell was wrong with the traffic man!!! Is this another bad joke?? We literally moved for like 10 to 20 metres from our original position. I’m not even joking about this. The traffic was really really terrible. We were so bored sitting in the car. I don’t really remember what I did in the car aside from reading the rules of Death Note at a very slow pace. I didn’t finish it though. To make it worse, at night there was a band performance. Obviously we didn’t watch it. Little did we know that the band performed that night was a band called Flow. And their freaking performed a song called Color!!! (the first opening of Code Geass). Darn it we should have watched it instead of sitting in the car and read the rules of the Death Note…

All we could do was wait in the car patiently. At about 9:30 p.m, we finally break through the horrible traffic jam. Apparently, there was car accident at the busiest junction around the area and the fact that this comic convention was held made the junction even busier. Too busy to the point that we were stuck for about 3 and a half hours. But after that, we just went home peacefully.

Whohoa what a day. That was one of the most hectic day in my life. So did I enjoy going to the convention? Well, the answer is yes and I will most probably be going to this event again next year. Even though it was a chaotic day for me, I still had fun.

Sorry for the long and probably boring post. I actually wanted to just get rid of the hectic things that happened to me that day and just focus on the actual convention but I didn’t. If you managed to read this post until down here, you might notice that I didn’t do much during the convention.

Anyway that was my first time going to an anime convention. Hope I will have just as much fun next year too. But I hope it won’t don’t be as chaotic as this year… If you have any advice for me regarding going to anime conventions, let me know because I think I will really need it.

2 thoughts on “My First Time Going to an Anime Convention

    • Yea it was fun. Which is why I’d go to the event every year if nothing happen on that particular date.

      The organizers notice the traffic jam problem and decided to locate the event at a less busy location the year after. I’m very grateful that they did that.

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