Anime Girl Typing

I’m now living in a noisy environment. I can’t write… Whenever I feel like writing, there’ll always be someone calling my name or texting me and asks me to help them with their assignments… or starring at what I’m writing right now.  I have no privacy. I feel uneasy whenever I want to write so I always advert myself to other things. I thought I could advert myself to anime but I was wrong.

When I try to watch anime, they’ll always be someone nosy. I can’t watch my anime in peace!! They’ll come to me and ask “what are you watching?” and considering I’m a fan of romance anime, it’s a severe problem. Why? Because in my college, romance genre is looked down upon. So when I watch anything that is romance, they’ll have the ‘erk… you actually watch this kind of thing?’ reaction. I don’t understand why considering most of them are in a relationship themselves. Because of this, I don’t watch much anime. It’s very hard to catch up to newer anime.

So I don’t write, I don’t watch anime. What do I do? Well, I pretty much adverted myself to games. Well, ‘game’ as in singular because the only game I play is FIFA 15. And the only reason I play the game is because it can play offline multiplayer so I play it with my friends.

What else do I do? Other than classes and assignments, I pretty much do nothing… Well it’s not my fault! It’s the environments fault!!! If only my roommates are not this noisy. If only there’s a quiet and private place I can stay to do what I want. If only I can actually write in any type of environment.

Okay now I’m just complaining. But isn’t that the sole reason why I’m writing this? In any case, I don’t think I’ll post much in this blog. Not that I post many before but it’ll be relatively less than what I’ve done so far. That’s all I want to say.

7 thoughts on “I CAN’T WRITE!!!

  1. A post about not being able to write. That’s interesting :p

    … But I get what you mean. I am pretty much in the same phase myself. Wanting to watch & write about anime … but all that kind of happens in my thoughts & in the end I always end up doing something else because of the environment I am in.

    Oh well. Let’s hope we both find a solution or compromise of some sort for our situations soon. 🙂

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    • I hope so too. But as of now, I still haven’t found one… However, I still write a bunch of stupid things for myself so I think that’s one good thing. It’s just that I don’t write for this blog much.

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  2. I have a special expression my family & friend call “Power Up”. It means “Don’t mess with me” and “Don’t disturb me” or simply “Danger Zone”. When I wear this facial expression, they wisely steer clear away from me and I can do what I want in peace (most of the time).

    I hear them whisper to each other, “She’s powering up again. Let’s talk to her later, not now”. Perhaps you should adapt something similar. Just a thought.

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