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Takasu Ryuji likes Aisaka Taiga’s best friend Kushieda Minori. Aisaka Taiga likes Takasu Ryuji’s closest friend Kitamura Yusaku. Ryuji finds out who Taiga likes and Taiga finds out who Ryuji likes. Thus, they make a promise to help each other out.


You know, summarizing a romance anime is pretty easy because the premise is really simple. But for people only reading the synopsis, they might be turned off by it (and confused because of the many names). It’s basically the same like any other romance drama out there. Simply said, the appeal of a romance genre is not in the plot but in the characters. So then, let’s go straight to the characters. I’ll explain about the two main characters pretty briefly because I don’t really think they’re that interesting compared to other characters.

The main characters are Ryuji and Taiga. It is established that Ryuji likes Minori and Taiga likes Yusaku. There’s one interesting personality of Ryuji which is his cleaning obsession. He’s a clean freak and will clean anything that is deemed necessary. I really like this part of him. For Taiga, she can be classified as a violence tsundere. Some might find her cute and adorable, some might not. I’m in the middle leaning towards the former. And that’s all there is to it. it’s not that they are bad characters. They are really fun to watch generally but I don’t think it’s worth explaining why.


That said, Ami is my favourite character because like many characters in the anime, I perceive her to be the most matured character compared to other characters. She is mature because she can understand everyone’s feelings including the king of façade Minori and because she manages to face the harsh reality of her one sided love and moves on rather quickly. She lets go of the hope she knows she will never get and abandons her feelings and selfishness because she knows she will never get the guy she’s interested in.

My favourite moments in this anime is the interactions between Ami and Minori especially in the second half of the series. The reason why they sometimes have a fight is because Ami believes that one should stay true to her feelings and not unwillingly keep it inside. Minori on the other hand unwillingly keeps her feelings inside her for the sake of her best friend. She thinks that prioritizing her best friend is the right thing to do even though she actually does not want to do it. Both have their points but I prefer Ami’s point. All Ami wants from Minori is for her to make a decision, one that she chooses willingly. But Minori’s stubbornness makes it a hard thing to do. Though I agree with Minori to an extent. For one, she doesn’t want Ami to push her ideals on her. She thinks what she is doing is right and doesn’t want anyone especially Ami to interfere with her decision.  The interactions between them can get really intense.

Minori and Ami

In terms of the plot, well you can pretty much guess who Ryuji is going to end up with just by watching the first episode. It’s not considered a minus to me because that’s what this anime is all about. There’s nothing special about the plot. It’s just a normal romance drama. However, the stand out is the characters’ interactions with one another. The conflict that happens between characters are really thrilling and the best thing is the quarrels between Ami and Minori. Seriously it was freaking intense and have many meanings behind it. The comedy in the beginning is quite good. I enjoyed most of them.

I have to say this. I love the first opening both because of the visual and the catchy song. I was really frustrated when they change the song of the opening but what can I do?

Overall, I quite like this anime. The romance progression is really good albeit might be slow to some people. The conflict in the second half is really worth waiting for. This anime is centered around the tsundere Taiga so if you don’t like her, you probably won’t like this series. But to me, it’s really worth the watch.

~ 7/10 ~

~ Good ~

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  1. I don’t like commenting on this series, as it didn’t do much for me. Most other people on the internet however seem to rave about it.

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