Judging an Anime by its First Few Episodes


I have a friend who watches anime. But I hate his way of determining if an anime is good or not. How? Well you guessed it, by judging the whole anime only by watching the first few episode. He would watch the first few episodes of an anime and if he does not find it interesting, he easily labels it as trash and to make matters worse, also discourages other people from watching that particular anime. I hate people like him. People who would only watch the first three episodes or so and already determine whether or not that particular anime is good.

If someone asks them if that particular anime is good or bad, they’d answer with ‘it’s sh*t’ when in actuality, they’re just saying ‘I can’t go through more than 3 episodes of this anime so it must be bad’. I’ve never judged an anime or any kind of film for that matter by its first few episodes. If I watched an anime and just couldn’t go through with it, I’d not say that the anime is wholly bad but I’d say that “so far, the first few episodes are bad. I don’t know about the rest of it but I can tell that the first few episodes suck”.

Because to me, you just can’t truly judge an anime by watching the first few episodes. It’s like judging a book by reading only the first chapter or the first few pages. For one, you can’t uncover the whole atmosphere of an 3 episodes in. Yes it might work if it’s a light-hearted comedy anime but for the darker and more melodramatic themes, it’s impossible. The first few episodes is only for us to ‘react’ to the show. Is the show engaging from the very start? Is it randomly funny all of a sudden? Does it have a  very slow start? It definitely does not reflect the overall of an anime. Sure you can predict where the anime is generally going but did you actually witness the direction of the anime to have the right to judge it? Of course not, so shut up and don’t say anything about the anime ever again.

Well, maybe I think of this because I have the tendency to finish watching what I started even if it was boring as hell. I don’t know, what do you think about this?

14 thoughts on “Judging an Anime by its First Few Episodes

  1. Some anime tend to be pretty predictable even just from seeing the first few episodes(or too slow for me), therefore I’m one of those people who’ll quickly drop an anime if I can’t get into it/don’t like the potential plot. Sometimes I might come back to it for another chance, sometimes not.


    • I understand where you’re coming from. I totally get it when people drop an anime because it has an awful start or a slow start or just a start which is not favourable to them. But, I don’t like it when they talk crap about the anime as if they’ve watched the entire anime.

      For me, I don’t really know why but I just feel obligated to finish everything that I started. The only anime that I dropped is Suzuka? Yea Suzuka at episode 14.

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    • Right? It feels awfully guilty if we drop an anime. It’s like we’ve just committed a sin… or something like that.

      However, I don’t feel the obligation to watch another season of an anime if I don’t feel like it. For example, I’ve watched the first season of Sword Art Online but I don’t really feel the need to watch its second season. However, if I watch even one episode of the second season… I just have to finish it.

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  2. I can understand someone not wanting to waste their time on something that isn’t great. Some excellent shows however take more than three episodes to get going.

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  3. I think its okay to drop an anime after 3 episodes or 1 episode even, but its definitely important to qualify any opinions on the anime by stating that you have only watched 1 or 3 episodes, so what you say may not be representative of the ultimate merits of a show. There are people who actually have reasoned, well-thought out opinions about why they think a show is not watching even based on the first episode, so I wouldn’t be so quick to judge everybody who does that.

    Unless they are very toxic in their comments or behave like your friend in discouraging or trash-talking about the show, I’d say its not a problem otherwise.

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