Nichijou Review



The anime is about the everyday normal lives of two main group of characters. The first one is Yukko, a highschool girl and her two best friends Mio and Mai. The second is Nano, a teenage robot invented by an 8 year old girl named Hakase Shinonome who also invented a scarf that can make animals talk. Well, that’s not normal at all but whatever.


I stumbled upon a video about Yukko saying ‘selamat pagi’ and it intrigued me. Though I didn’t decide to watch it right after. A few months after, I watched a couple of videos on YouTube regarding Nichijou and found it super funny so I thought I really should just watch the entire series. That’s how I got into this anime.


This is a comedy anime so the main focus is the comedy. I find the comedy aspect quite random and solid having me laugh out loud many times throughout the series. There are even scene which I can rewatch many many times and still laugh at the same jokes. Some of the scenes include whenever Sakurai sensei is onscreen or when Takasaki sensei trying to flirt with her. But the downside of the comedy is that the jokes aren’t consistent. There are some episodes that you will laugh from start to finish but there are some episodes that  are plain boring and rather redundant.  The anime mostly focus on Yukko’s group and Nano’s group which is not bad but if they make the jokes more sporadic, it could’ve been better. It’s really a miss opportunity since they have tons of interesting characters that are capable of pulling great comedy but they just  didn’t use them fully.

There are also some unique segments between the scenes like ‘Helvetica Standard’, ‘Love-Like’ and ‘Things We Think Are Cool’. The jokes are hits and misses to me. Some might like it, some might not. And there are also some sub plots that I found interesting such as the Go-soccer club and the relationship between Takasaki sensei and Sakurai sensei.


Like I said, they have many interesting characters from a mohawk haired highschool guy to a talking cat. The first three main character is Yukko who is an airheaded idiot but funny character. I always find myself at least smiling if not laughing out loud whenever she is onscreen. Her best friend is Mio who has a lot more composure and much more intelligent than her. Her hobby is drawing manga and her favourite genre is well, yaoi. She can be so darn scary as she lost her composure when she finds her Yaoi manga is in danger of exposed to the general public. The scene where she beats the hell out of everyone after seeing her yaoi is one of the reasons why I decided to watch the series. The last friend is Mai, the troll as she really likes to mess with her idiot friend Yukko. While her jokes are sometimes funny, there are times where I just think she’s annoying, even more annoying than the little girl Hakase.

Hakase cat ears.jpg

Hakase is the loli professor who is smart enough to make many inventions such as a teenage girl robot named Nano that looks and functions like a normal human being. She is at first quite annoying but she is a kid after all so I grew over her. Nano is the teenage robot who has the desire to be a normal highschool girl but because she has a ‘key’ behind her back it, seems impossible for her to be one. I like her very much especially when she is excited about finally being able to go to school and be a (kinda) normal highschool girl… How heart-warming. The last character in the group is Sakamoto, a male black cat. He can talk due to the scarf Hakase made for him. For comedy purpose, he’s perfect for the other two.

The animation is overall good. The atmosphere really feels alive as if they really live in a world  where people, not just the characters in the anime exist. This is probably because there are many passers-by and they are coloured. The character design however is… they all look the same. The only difference are their hairstyle and their hair colour. I really like both openings of the show particularly the first opening. I also grow fond of this English fan dub opening. But singing the words is really difficult considering English is not my first language.

Nichijou - 07 - Large 26.jpg

Talking about language, there are quite a few Malay language reference in this anime. The first one is, I mentioned earlier, Yukko saying ‘selamat pagi’ in a very energetic way which sounds incredibly wrong and hilarious if you know the language. Oh yeah, ‘selamat pagi’ means good morning in Malay language, my first language. The second one is a Malay pun in which Mio’s sister Yoshino said “sometimes I’m a bear, other times I’m a bear.” The former ‘bear’ (beruang) really means bear but the latter ‘bear’ means ‘having money’ (berwang). So the overall translation here is “sometimes I’m a bear, other times I have money,” (It’s a very lame but popular joke here in my country). I don’t really know why they put the joke there because obviously only people who understand Malay will understand it. Unless there’s actually a Japanese pun in the joke?

Anyway, this anime can be really funny making you laugh really hard but it can also be very bland at times as the jokes just don’t get to you. But even though there are bland times in the anime, when it is good, it’s really  good. I’d say give it a watch.

~ 7/10 ~

 ~Good ~

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