My OTP in Nagi no Asukara


*WARNING: This post contains spoilers. Proceed with caution*

Okay let’s go straight to the point here. My OTP in this anime is Kaname and Chisaki. Now, let’s take a step back and look at how I actually got there.

For one, I initially shipped Chisaki and Hikari just because Chisaki is the best girl (but in the second half, Miuna is the best girl… But Chisaki is still the best girl too!!!). I felt like Hikari deserves the one who loves him and not the one whom he loves. Of course that was during the first half of the anime so Manaka’s feelings was not clearly revealed yet. But now thinking back, I actually forgot about Kaname. Kaname is always sidelined by all the characters (except Sayuu) and also the audience. I believe the true pairing should be Chisaki and Kaname. Like I mentioned about Hikari, Chisaki actually deserves Kaname, who loves her instead of Hikari, whom she loves. It’s exactly like what I’ve said earlier but I just didn’t look at the right character.

Kaname actually had a really big chance on Chisaki. She would definitely have fallen for him if he didn’t fall from the boat during the Ofunehiki simultaneously the day of the hibernation. His love for her is way beyond Tsumugu’s love for her so I think he is the one who should date Chisaki, not Tsumugu and definitely not Hikari. But that’s what this is all about. There are things that you helplessly can’t change.

Kaname is hurt. Severely at that. I didn’t notice it at first nor did anyone in the anime. Only after he made a quite selfish move forcing Hikari to confess his feelings to Manaka is when I clearly notice that he is actually really hurt. That is a smart move I must say but bold at the same time, making Chisaki hurt and hope for her to run back to him. It could’ve happened. It just didn’t. Kaname is the most miserable character in the series and that’s why he is also my favourite character.

If you have watched this series, who’s your OTP? You know, this is actually the first time I actually ship characters in anime so seriously because again, this pair could’ve happened. But it just didn’t… and I’m sad by that.

8 thoughts on “My OTP in Nagi no Asukara

  1. I’m okay with who Chisaki and ended up with. Sucks for Kaname I know, but the time skip pretty much killed any hopes for their relationship.

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  2. I actually thought that the way it ended was good because he still got together with Sayu. In a way its a good ending for the both of them since both of their loves were never requited until Kaname turned behind and saw Sayu waiting for him all this time (it was hinted that she liked him since she was a kid and before the time-skip). I felt relieved for the both of them and that at least Kaname didn’t remain the tragic character as so many other anime characters in other romance anime ended up being.

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