Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys Review

Daily Lives of Highschool Boys


This anime is about Highschool Boys doing their normal boring everyday routine. They chit chat about trivial things such as girls, skirts and panties (of course). They play pranks and talk crap about each other. Yup, normal highchool boys.


Now this anime is hilarious. It’s one of the best comedy I’ve seen so far. It doesn’t have a particular plot or a vast number of unique characters but the way the anime delivers its comedy is top notch, using the correct timing for all the punchlines. All the jokes are very random. The jokes are conveyed in shorts skits before the punchlines hit you and sometimes hit you real hard. Only some rare occasion did the joke miss. The setting is the same either going to school, going home from school, being at school or being in a friend’s house but the scenarios are different.

Daily Lives of Highschool Boys 2

A large number of characters are thrown out at you but don’t stress out trying to remember their names or even their faces. Even the anime itself says that you don’t have to remember their names. The three main characters are Yoshitake the blonde, naïve and idiotic guy, Hinedori, the glasses guy who gets hit by a girl by the riverbank and Tadakuni, the most normal guy in the group. These three characters are the main focus of short comedy skits in the series. Other characters don’t stand out that much but they do serve the purpose of the slapstick comedy.

This is my favourite scene

There are girls in this anime of course but most of them are rather violent and can’t deal with their anger. I mean, they’re scary when they’re angry or when they just want to poke fun of the guys in this anime. There is a unique segment at the end of each episodes called ‘Highschool Girls Are Funky’ and that segment is really funny. Most of the characters are, like I said, violence especially towards guys. There are three main girls in this segment and what they do is really similar to what the boys do. Talking crap about boys for no reason, learning how to be attractive towards boys and just having some rivalry between them. Most if not all the short skits will make you laugh out loud.


One nitpick that I have with this anime is some of the character designs because there are three girls that don’t have eyes. I don’t know about everybody else but that really bothers me. It’ll be more fun and funnier if they just put a pair of eyes to the characters. Or is it actually a joke? Plus there are some characters that look exactly the same. They just add eyes to the character and BOOM!! It’s a new character. There are also characters that I can’t really tell who is who such as Tadakuni and the other guy that looks like Tadakuni (or are they both Tadakuni??). I can’t differentiate between the two. But like I said, I don’t really have to know who is who to understand the jokes. So I just ignored the nitpick that I had.

Daily Lives of Highschool Boys 3

This is a must watch comedy anime because it’s funny and it’s short. You can determine if you like the humour or not by watching the first episode because the rest of the episodes are pretty much the same. The same type of humour but set in different scenarios. If you like the first episode, you’ll probably like this anime. If you don’t, don’t expect it to change and become better later on because it will not. As for me, I really enjoyed this slapstick comedy anime and I can rewatch my favourite scenes many times.

~ 8/10 ~

 Just go watch it 

9 thoughts on “Daily Lives Of Highschool Boys Review

  1. This is, by far, my favorite gag comedy! It’s amazing that, even there is no plot or development whatsoever, made me watch in anticipation. About the girls without eyes, it is used frequently for separating background characters from the main ones and the reason may be that when you add eyes, comes the emotions, characteristics and mimics. I don’t mean it in a way that they suddenly become one of the main characters, however, it may distract viewer and shift your focusing point to the background. This is just an analogy from acting, if you want the audience to focus on a conversation amongst a big crowd of people, actors in the back need to tone down on the mimics and acting so that they don’t steal the spotlight. It may be a wild guess, though, not really sure, just seemed logical. : )

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    • Yeah the comedy is amazing I still rewatch my favourite scenes many times.

      You might be right about the girls with no eyes but I don’t think that’s necessary. I mean, other anime didn’t do that but we can differentiate the main characters and the background characters. Just fine. Another guess from me is that they don’t really have many emotional expression to deliver aside from anger so not having eyes would be… funnier?? I don’t know. But it certainly bugs me.

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      • Me too 🙂 Mine was a bit of a wild guess and you may be right about wanting to make it funnier, not really sure myself. But yeah, overall it’s so funny that I practically don’t think much.:)


      • The eyes is not really a big deal but still…

        This anime is really easy to show to other people. Not that I’ve done it myself but others have done it to me. You can just show any scene to other people and from there, they can determine whether or not they like this anime. But I think the first episode is enough to determine that.

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