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Bossun, Himeko and Switch (all of them are nicknames) are the members of a school support club called SKET Dance where they help and solve other people’s problems. The club has poor reputation at first and isn’t widely accepted. Many students call them as handymen instead of a club that actually helps people. The story revolves around these trio and the interesting people who request them for help.


As in the synopsis, the anime just centres around these three main characters doing odd jobs and help students as well as staffs in school. It may sound boring and pretty generic but I tell you, it’s really not most of the time. While the anime usually focuses on the comedy side, it also has some very well conveyed and touching drama which will make you care deeply for the three main characters. For me, this anime has a really great balance between comedy and drama.


The comedy in this anime…oh my god the timing. The timing is extremely precise! The jokes themselves might be ‘loud’ for some people as they mostly depend on Himeko’s loud comments on various illogical events and situations. Himeko’s comments are my favourite. The very large amount of characters also contribute to the comedy side of the show as almost all of them are extremely unique and funny in their own way. The best moment and probably the most memorable laughs I had was when Roman-san, a mangaka wannabe shows her manga works. Everytime, I mean every single time she shows them, I would laugh to death. Her manga can be a little bit creepy at times. The series is funnier towards the end than in the earlier episodes especially after the new student counsel accepts new members. The jokes are really good but they can be quite redundant if you marathon the series. I suggest you watch this anime little by little for ultimate enjoyment. Well, what I did was watch other dark or drama focused anime and after that, end my ‘anime session’ with 1-3 episodes of this series. It was a lot of fun!


The drama side of this anime can be very tragic and dark. Yes they really do, in this very light-hearted comedy series. The back-story of the three main characters are pretty touching and emotional. It will make you attached to the characters more, care about them more and understand the motivations of the characters. The best part is, the comedy somehow gets better after you learn about the characters’ background stories. by the end of the show, it decided to explore just a little bit of romance and I really like that. It won’t really develop the romance because it’s a comedy based anime. The furthest it will go is teasing you with the romance and that’s exactly what they do in episode 43 and 57, the two episodes which BossunxHimeko shippers consider as heaven (that includes myself). It should be noted that the anime doesn’t end conclusively. It doesn’t matter to me but some might not like the way it ends.


The music actually influence the tone and atmosphere of the show greatly. They know when to place an uplifting music for the comedy as well as the awkward silences. For the drama, the music fit in both emotional scenes and motivational scenes. I really want to mention the seiyuu’s performance. You can pretty much hear that all the seiyuu are giving their best and they also have fun. The best performance in my opinion is Himeko’s voice. It fits perfectly for her character and I find myself more engaged and more concentrated towards this anime whenever I hear her voice. In short, I just love her voice and the seiyuu’s voice acting.

SKET Dan and Student Councel

SKET Dance is a really hilarious anime. I think it’s the funniest anime I’ve ever seen. Yes, it even beat my former favourite comedy anime, Baka To Test. Just thinking about the funny moments in this anime make me laugh. That’s the very reason why I should stop thinking about this anime in public. People will think I’m crazy laughing suddenly for no reason. The drama and comedy fit and balance perfectly especially at the end of the show. But just as you are about to enjoy this show to the fullest, it suddenly ends.

With all that said, I’m off to watch Gintama. Many people say that Gintama is way funnier than SKET Dance. If that’s true, I can only imagine my experience watching that show…

~ 9/10 ~

Highly Recommended

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      • Thank you. 🙂

        As far as the manga goes, the romance doesn’t really go much further than the anime. Obviously it covers more since it went on longer, but, without spoiling anything, the end volumes center more about graduating and moving forward than anything else. But Bossun will always be Bossun. Another pair is strongly hinted / practically confirmed though.

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