Love Live! School Idol Project Review

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Otonokizaka Academy is shutting down due to the low number of students applying to study there. Kousaka Honoka, who really loves her school wants to save the school by raising its popularity. She ends up with the alternative of being a school idol. She drags her two best friends into this and later, she also drags in other people. Together, they can save the world, I mean their school.


My first reaction when I was watching this anime was “holy crap, the anime girls are actually dancing!!”. The opening scene is very awesome, I never skipped it because the song is very catchy and well, THE GIRLS DANCE!!! I’ve never seen anime girls dancing before as this is my first idol anime I’ve ever watched so this is a new and amazing thing for me. (But shortly after finishing this anime, I found this video which I think is more amazing)


The beginning of the show is good. It shows how enthusiastic Honoka is wanting to save her school. Her friends are a bit reluctant to join her but join her eventually as they know that Honoka is really a somewhat pushy person. The first season focuses on the girls trying to save their school in any possible way. Of course, not everyone have the same idea. Not everyone agree with Honoka’s way of increasing the school’s popularity. But after a while, Honoka manages to convince everyone that being a school idol can actually save the school from closing. They practice hard in achieving this goal but by the time they are performing their first concert in the auditorium… That scene makes me want to cry.

The second season, I have to say that it is worse than the first season in most if not every way. The story is not there anymore, the dance choreography is not as good as the first season and the song is worse. Well, the songs in the first season is also not that good but at least it’s catchy enough for me to like it. The rivalry between Muse and A-rise did not happen as I expected. In fact, there is no sense of rivalry at all. And the thing that really crushes my high hope is the second season’s opening. You see, when I finished the first season, the thing that I anticipated the most from the second season is the new opening scene. I was expecting a very high quality dance animation with a very catchy song for the opening but I didn’t get any of those. The dance performance is not pretty (probably because of the background) and the song is less catchy. I was devastated when I was watching the second opening. I mean, come on man!!!


The only thing that the second season does better is the characters’ background stories. We get to see Nico’s back-story (Nico best girl by the way) as well as some other characters such as Rin and Nozomi. Honestly, aside from Nico’s back-story (because Nico is the best girl), all the other characters’ back-stories don’t really add anything to the show. They should’ve used the episodes to emphasize on the rivalry between A-Rise and Muse but they didn’t. It could’ve been great if they do it that way. The graduation drama at the end of season two is quite forced but I think if you pretend it like a very serious drama, you’ll have lots of feels.

Going to the characters, Honoka, she really loves her school and wants to save it so much that she not only comes out with an unrealistic idea but also drags her best friends to join her. Her enthusiasm and determination bring the team together and even make it bigger as she drags along other people too. She is the natural leader type of character who encourages her team to follow her tempo. She just naturally can get everyone go to work. Honoka surely has a high determination, enthusiasm and good leadership.


Kotori and Umi is Honoka’s best friend and childhood friend. Umi is the shy but athletic person as she joins the Kyudo club or basically the archery club. She is pretty much like Mio from K-on except that she is not left-handed and she can’t play bass. Kotori, firstly I hate her voice when she sings because her voice is just so annoying. She is the type who will follow whatever Honoka does and will do whatever she asks. She doesn’t make decisions by herself but rather will wait for others especially her best friend Honoka and Umi to decide for her. I don’t really like her honestly and she doesn’t stand out.

Some other characters have their moments but I think it’s not really important to say it in this review…. I guess. Okay, I’ll mention some interesting facts about them and what I think about them. Firstly, Nozomi’s all-knowing attitude and vibe. Nozomi is a character who knows everything. She knows what she is doing and how her actions affect everyone around her. She is always at the right place, in the right time. The anime actually points this out a few times and teases us using this information. Eri is a very good dancer as she actually learns ballet dance when she was younger. Now Hanayo, I really really hate her voice especially when she screams. I mean, I know the seiyuu is directed to make quivering voices but it’s just so irritating. Lastly, Maki is the best singer because I like her voice.


The animation is very stunning to me. This is the first idol anime I’ve ever watched and I’ve never seen anime girls dancing before so the opening scene is very shocking to me. Of course, in a good way. The change from 2D animation to 3D animation is quite jarring at times but overall, it’s really good to me. I have something to say about the choreography. Doesn’t the anime says that Eri is suppose to be very good at dancing. Why don’t they give her a solo dancing scene? I bet she’s not actually that good because judging from the opening scene… her tempo is very off. Heck, even Nico has a better tempo… That’s why she is the best girl!!!

The songs in this anime is average at best. There are songs that are catchy in the first season but most songs in the second season is not that ear-catching. One thing is, I kept on comparing songs in this anime to the songs in K-on. I really shouldn’t do that because K-on songs are just too good, they can win against virtually any other anime songs. However, I couldn’t resist doing that as K-on songs are one of my favourite songs I’ve ever heard. But overall, Love Live’s songs are not that bad. As long as you listen to them and watch the girls dancing at the same time, you can pretty much enjoy them.

I honestly don’t know how to rate this anime since I can’t really compare this anime to other idol anime. Enjoyment wise, it’s actually just another slice of life genre with cute girls doing cute things plus some not so catchy songs and some amazing dance sequences. Having watched this anime, I’m very keen to watch other idol anime to know what they can come up with. Lastly, I think I want to change how I rate anime now because using the current rating system is very difficult.

~ 6/10 ~

 ~Above Average ~

5 thoughts on “Love Live! School Idol Project Review

  1. Hahaha, this review is so funny xD
    Yup, Maki is the best singer. Her voice is so calm. But, Elichika is always in my heart :v (y)

    And… Nico…


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