Grisaia no Kajitsu Anime Amane’s Route Review



On 14th August six years before the time period of Grisaia no Kajitsu, Amane and her basketball team went to a training camp. They were riding a mini bus on the way back when an unfortunate disaster befall them as one of the tyres of the bus suddenly blows up making the vehicle hard to control and eventually fell down the cliff. There were than stranded at the bottom of the cliff for days//two weeks.


Okay now, why didn’t I review the whole anime? Well, that’s because I think all the other characters’ background stories are pretty…forgettable. Yes the characters are strong and their background stories are tragic and dark but I just I don’t remember much from other characters. That’s because the pacing of the anime is too rushed, I didn’t have the time to really get attached to any of the characters except Amane. The bakcground story of Amane is, to me, well paced. I feel thrilling only when watching Amane’s route. It is the best background story in the series in my opinion. So, let’s just go to what I think about her background story.

*Warning, this review contains minor spoilers… I think*


This anime as a whole is pretty dark and tragic and the background stories of other characters prove it. That’s why when I watch Amane’s backstory, I was expecting and waiting for a dark moment where everything goes wrong. Yup, that twisted ending is predictable. I knew that everyone will be somewhat crazy later on. I just don’t know what type of craziness they will be and when. I mean come on, there are many survival documentary in Television, most of them can’t really think properly after some time. So yeah. Even so, that ending was still a bit surprising and thrilling.

So, they are stranded and they can’t contact anyone. Signals are lost, compass doesn’t work properly, basically, they can’t do anything except for waiting for help. characters behave as normal people in the beginning. Pretty much because they still have energy as they still have food to eat. At that time I thought, why didn’t they explore the forest a little bit more so that  maybe, just maybe they will find a way out. They still have some energy to use right? Use that energy for something beneficial! As time goes by when there is a shortage of food, they are starting to have mental disorder as a result of lack of nutrient. Many days after, many of them die from injuries so the teacher ‘bury’ them far in the forest. To me, it’s pretty obvious that the dead bodies will be the survivor’s food. I mean, the teacher is half crazy at that time. When the president says the teacher caught a deer, I already knew what it was. Immediately after that, everything is screwed up. All of them are not human anymore.


Iove the dark and intense atmosphere in this arc. I think the previous arcs are not as dark as this. That means they save the best for the last huh?

While this is Amane’s backstory, the most interesting character is actually Kazami kazuki. Kazuki is literally the hope of the entire survivors. I actually want her to come up with a miracle just like Yujii does in the earlier arcs. I know this won’t end well but I just want Kazuki to do something so that it will be better than the worse case scenario. She is highly intelligent (as expected from Yuuji’s sister) and has a high charisma. She is basically the leader type.

Who stole the carrots
Who stole the carrot??!!

I’d be happier if the the Sakashima guy doesn’t appear because I think the ending would be perfect without him. Or rather, his appearance doesn’t add much really because we all know how badass Yujii is and an old guy like him would be super easy for Yujii. Right?

So yeah, this is the best backstory in the anime in my opinion. The anime is not bad, I might call it a good anime but the backstory of other characters are just forgettable to me. Amane’s background story is the only one that is still vivid in my memory.

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