My Reactions Towards The Generation of Miracle’s Abilities


*Warning, this post contains spoilers*

If you don’t know yet, I looove Kuroko no basuke. It is one of my favourite anime I’ve seen. If you ask me which season is my favourite, I’d say the first season. Why? Because that was when I thought those GoM’s abilities were amazing I was utterly shocked when their abilities were first revealed. Season 2 was quite daunting and dragging, Murasakibara’s ability is only revealed at the end of the season. In season 3, the abilities have become totally illogical and nonsense… But still cool though.

The best thing I like when watching this anime is my shock towards seeing their abilities. The anime manages to manipulate the audience’s mind to believe that all these abilities are in fact humanly possible when it is actually not. It manages to make us expect less than and what they will be giving. We can always expect one of them to able to fly or something but we didn’t. Or at least I didn’t. That’s why I think this anime is a genius manipulator. Not to mention it also manages to make the matches thrilling explained by ‘this interesting post’ by Kai from Delucar which also proves that it is genius at manipulating us.

Kuroko Tetsuya


So first I’m going to talk about well, Kuroko’s ability. Even though the anime doesn’t explicitly show how Kuroko passes, I still find Kuroko’s ability interesting because the anime manages to explain logically how he actually does all the impossible passes. I find the explanation believable and I think that if anyone has the lack of presence as Kuroko has, that person could possibly do the same. At this time, I thought his ability is already overpowered. So to know that he is the weakest among the GoM or rather, he is not even in that group, I asked myself ‘how powerful can the others be?’. I was very curious about the others’ abilities.


After season 1, He has grown drastically. He can not only do impossible passes but impossible dribbles and impossible shoots as well. I thought those abilities were very illogical but I accepted it anyway. I mean, this is an over the top sport anime in the first place. Besides, those abilities only make the anime more epic and thrilling. So I don’t need to complain.

Kise Ryouta


The first thing we know is that he has the ability to copy someone’s move just by seeing that someone makes it once. We see this when he first plays one on one with Kagami. I was really stunned with his ability (who doesn’t?). I mean, if he can copy anyone’s moves, he is basically unbeatable!!! But then I realized that he says he is the worst among the GoM. At that time, I can’t really think of any other ability that is more powerful than Kise’s perfect copy. Hearing those words from Kise only increased my curiosity about the other GoMs and their abilities. However, when I rewatched the first season, I thought he is pretty weak. I mean seriously, go try rewatching the first match yourself. You’ll know what I mean.


In season 3 he has become a beast!!! He can copy anyone’s moves including the other GoM’s, isn’t that epic?! I actually knew that this was going to happen. I knew from the get go that Kise would be able to copy the other GoM’s abilities especially after seeing him copying Aomine when they meet against each other in the latter part of the first season. So in the third season when Kise actually  does copy the otherGoM’s moves, I kinda feel happy that I guessed it right. I was wrong in some parts though. I thought he would have that ability without a time limit. The time limit didn’t cross my mind before. Well, I kinda know why he has it. I mean, having him poses the power of the ultimate perfect copy without any time limit will only make him way too overpowered. Heck, even with the time limit, the author were forced to make him injured in order to make Seirin win. Though I thought instead of a time limit, why not they limit him with the number of times he can copy others? For example, because he forces his arms to shoot further when copying Midorima, he can only copy Midorima 10 times. Something along that line. I thought of this when his ultimate perfect copy is first revealed but I guess this concept is just too difficult and complex. Having a time limit isn’t half bad. By the way, he hasn’t entered the zone yet right? I wonder what will become if he enters it while posing the ultimate perfect copy? Interesting…

Midorima Shintarou


When he first appear, we don’t know what his ability is except for knowing that he used to be the number one shooter of Keiko’s basketball team. However, we do know that he is overall better than Kise as he can block Kuroko and Kagami’s alley-oop while Kise can’t. Then not long after, he throws the ball into the basket from the middle court. I was utterly shocked (actually, almost every ability in this anime is shocking so yeah) when I see that. Do you know how hard it is to score a three point? Let alone shooting from the center of the court!! I play basketball so seeing him score from that far out is really something. Just when I though that’s his furthest range, he throws the ball from the far side of the court. WHAT THE HECK!!! How is that humanly possible?? I want that ability!!! He also can’t be blocked by practically anyone because he jumps higher than a normal basketball player usually jumps. By this time all the feelings I got from watching Kise’s ability came again. I thought if Midorima is this good, how good is the others?


One thing though, he doesn’t get into the zone the entire anime. I really wish I could see him in the zone. I want to know what his ability would be. Can he shoot faster? Like, by the time he gets the ball, he already shoots them. Or can he shoot while jumping like when he meets against Akashi but further in range? If he can do all of these things, it would be epic. By the end of the series, I see him as the weakest among the GoM.

Aomine Daiki


My first reaction seeing his ability was ‘holy crap how the heck can Seirin win against him??’ And then Seirin loses and I was like ‘huh? Seirin lost? I thought they are going to win all the way up!!’

Aomine’s ability is my most shocking ability in this series (yes not Akashi’s). We get to see him crushing Kagami in his first match with Seirin and he’s not even using his maximum potential yet! For Aomine, beating a guy the same level as Kagami (at that point of time) is just a walk in the park. That’ why when he says ‘the only one who can beat me is me’ it is legit. I still get goose bumps whenever I rewatch his first match with Seirin. He can literally score from any position he wants making it is impossible to block his offense.

maxresdefault (1)

When I see his ability, I thought that this must be the peak of my shock. I mean, there is no possible way any other special ability could could make me shocked because Aomine’s ability is basically the most powerful. And I’m quite right about that.

Murasakibara Atsushi


Murasakibara’s ability is the least shocking to me not because his ability is not powerful or interesting but because I’ve been exposed to so many special abilities before including players other than the GoM. I mean, just look at Tatsuya’s perfect fake. Look at Hyuga’s barrier jumper. Look at Hanamiya’s spider’s web. All of them are great abilities.   So seeing Murasakibara’s ability at that time to me was just another special ability poses by one of the characters in the series. At this point, I think the anime didn’t manage to limit our expectation. Special ability alone can’t shock us audience anymore. They need… a legit super power and that’s exactly what they do with Akashi.

Akashi Seijurou


Akashi seems pretty relaxed after seeing Seirin defeating Yosen, so I thought ‘just how powerful is he? Doesn’t he realize how ridiculously powerful Kagami has become? I mean, he even beat Murasakibara!! How can Akashi be so relaxed?’. I seriously don’t know what to expect from him. Another boring abilities like Murasakibara’s? That can’t be. He must be much more powerful giving his laid back reaction.

Akashi’s Emperor Eye, although more powerful, is not as shocking as Aomine’s agility and formless shots but it is still far beyond my expectation. However, I think that his ability is totally illogical and inhuman. Well of course, virtually every ability in this anime is inhuman in the first place but this time it’s a little different because Akashi literally poses a supernatural ability. It is not just an exaggerated special abilities like the other GoM have.  Nevertheless, I do think that his ability is very amazing especially when he crushes Midorima in the semi-final of winter cup. Then, he gets into the zone which apparently makes him move as fast as Aomine but more powerful because he has the emperor eye. That is just insane but I can’t deny that I like it. How can someone not like it?? Not long after, he swaps personality with his other self giving him the ability to allow his teammates to get into the zone too. The anime manages to make his ability powerful and shocking but that is only because they change from giving us only special abilities to superpower.

If his zone colour was like this, it’d be much cooler!!

So, that’s my reaction seeing their overpowered abilities. Well, I elaborated a bit longer than needed but that’s just what I thought about their abilities. If you want to share anything with me, comment below. I’d love to know your thoughts on this matter.

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    • What? You haven’t…. GO WATCH IT NOW!!! Just kidding…but seriously, you should. And yes, the Generation of Miracle’s abilities are what draw us audience in.In the first and second season of the series, they make these characters super mysterious revealing only a tiny bit of information about them. That (and also the matches) actually makes the anime very engaging.

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