True Tears Review



The story revolves around Nakagami Shinichirou, a highschool boy and his three love interests, Yuasa Hiromi, Isurugi Noe and Andou Aiko. That’s all. That’s pretty much the whole story.


I don’t know why but I was in a time where I felt the hunger for romance drama anime. I desired it, felt the need for it. Maybe because I have just finished Code Geass, a pretty badass, convoluted and depressing anime recently, I just need something more toned down. After going through some anime lists, I decided to watch this on a whim and I’m really really glad I watched this. This could be one of my favourite anime of all time!!

Now, while the synopsis up there sounds like this is a bland, boring and cliché romance anime, it certainly not. The only cliché trait available is the setting. Let’s talk about the characters first.

The female characters, I’d say the anime actually has some stereotypes of characters and takes it to another level. We have Yuasa Hiromi who is a quite yet athletic girl. She lives with Shinichirou after her parents died and  goes to the same school as him. They’re both in the same class. She has long been interested in him but tends to avoid him for some reason. The reason is a bit shocking to be honest, I didn’t expect that. I was downright rooting for these two to end up together especially during the first half of the show because she’s very likable. I really like her soft-spoken and quite attitude. Not to mention, she barely raises her voice (actually in this anime, everybody rarely raises their voices but she does it less than others). She does cause some troubles. She causes them because she sometimes takes actions out of jelousy and she is told by Shinichirou’s mother a thing that is really difficult for her to accept.


Next we have Isurugi Noe, a cheerful and quite bizarre girl who can’t shed tears anymore because she believes she gives her tears to her dead grandmother. She encounters Shinichirou in a quite strange way and develops a love feeling towards him not long after. She is the one who actually pushes him forward telling him that he can fly but he just doesn’t know it yet (I don’t really understand what that means though). She also seems to be able to see right through people. That means when you lie to her, she can freaking tell that you are lying even though you yourself don’t realize that you are actually lying!!! I rooted for her during the second half of the series. I didn’t root for her before that because I also like Hiromi. I actually like both Hiromi and Noe and I kinda don’t know which one I like more.  I don’t know which one to choose.

Lastly, we have Aiko, Shinichirou’s childhood friend and also a girlfriend of Miyokichi, who is Shinichirou’s best friend. She is very likable too (Every girl in this show is likable, you want to root for all of them) but she doesn’t stand out that much in this series and she is given less screen time than the rest of Shinichirou’s love interest. She accepts Miyokichi to be her boyfriend only to be closer to his best friend Shinichirou. She admits by the end of the series that she does selfish things as she practically uses Miyokichi to pursue her ideal objective.

true tears - 13 - Large 03

Our male lead, Shinokuchi Nakagami is a normal higschool boy with drawing and dancing talent who has a crush on Yuasa Hiromi since long ago. He also thinks he likes Noe after being forced to be around her many times. At the latter part of the series, he is actually trying very hard to figure out who he truly likes. He is dealing with his own inexplicit feelings which I found very intruiging because even I, the audience couldn’t decide who to choose. And it is not obvious who he will choose so you will be left there wondering about that until the final episode.  What I like about him more that many other male lead is that he is not so oblivious to the people around him. He notices others’ feelings. He actually notices Noe’s romantic feelings towards him, not like many other severely oblivious main characters.

Shinichirou’s mother also plays an important role here. She’s like a catalyst to the plot in some way. She always hates Hiromi’s mother and treats Hiromi in a quite hostile way. She tells lies to Hiromi as a way to take her anger towards Hiromi’s mother out. Her lies seem pretty trivial to her but to Hiromi, it’s a really big deal. After knowing that her lies effect Hiromi more than she thought, she changes her attitude towards Her.


I can say that the story is pretty much realistic. It doesn’t rely on pure coincident and all that crap. The cliffhangers at the end of every episode aren’t that dramatic but it really grabs your attention. Honestly, I never thought the cliffhangers would force me to watch another episode. Just for you to know, I am not the type of person who can easily be forced to watch another episode by some cliffhangers. I have my own principal of watching anime. The cliffhangers are just so engaging, you just have to know what will happen next.

The animation of the opening gives a very calm atmosphere which is really welcoming for the audience. That is the reason why I immediately got hooked to this anime. However, the opening singer’s singing is out of tune at times. That really really frustrates me because how can a supposed professional singer sings out of tune? I can understand if it’s a live concert but this is recording! But well, that’s just a personal pet peeve of mine. Also It’s kinda amazing how the anime wants to enlighten the realisticness by adding more passers-by. Though, some of the time when they use the 3D animation, it doesn’t look that well. The background animation is detailed. There is almost never a time where there is a still frame. And I really like when the animation changes into the coloured sketch-like arts in the latter part of the series.

So, I think this anime is really great. It has simple yet engaging storyline, all the characters are likable, greatly developed and I like to think of them as somewhat deep characters. The animation is quite good but the 3D animation doesn’t look that well sometimes. The background soundtrack is good too I might add. To those who love either romance or drama, you guys really should watch this. Lastly, I’m so going to rewatch this soon because like I said, this is one of my favourite anime of all time.

~Higher 4 out of 5 Stars~

7 thoughts on “True Tears Review

  1. Great review! I thought True Tears was rather unpredictable about who Shinichiro was going to choose in the end as well, and I thought that was one of its strong points 🙂

    And I agree about the singer singing out of tune haha, I was a little perturbed when I heard the OP for the first time as well :/

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    • Yes, I also think that is one of its strong points. But it isn’t just that. The cause of this strong point is the very likable two main female characters. They are both very likable and interesting in their own way. I just love both of them and up until now, I still don’t know who I would choose.

      Also, yes her singing disturbed me… But I actually like the song.

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  2. I really liked this series a lot too .

    I liked all the characters in this series and I agree that Hiromi and Noe are both very likable and interesting .

    I might be in the minority here but my favorite character in this series is Aiko ,I understand that Aiko
    is not on the same level as Hiromi and Noe and she might be a very unlikable/horrible person to many people but her constant mistakes/failures and how she felt inferior to Hiromi and Noe coupled with her selfish actions after what she did to her two best friends and then trying to fix her mistakes is what really pulled me to her character .I didn’t really care about her wining like some people did but her character felt very real and very flawed to me .I really liked how she changed and matured through out the series .Hiromi and Noe are both meant to be likable and tragic but Aiko felt the most real to me.Despite the fact that she had little screen time,Her development was great.

    Thanks for the review

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    • Well, I like Aiko too but she just doesn’t get the chance to develop fully. If she was given more time screen and more development, she might be my favourite character. I was hoping for it after she *spoiler alert* kisses Shinichirou but I didn’t get any *spoiler alert* . It’s quite disappointing but Hiromi and Noe save the day.


      • I actually liked the direction that the writers took with her story.I just can’t imagine Shinichirou going for Aiko and betraying his friend .Aiko was never meant to have a story with Shinihcirou in the first place and Her getting rejected is poetic justice because it wouldn’t have been fair to Miyokichi if she ended up with Shin.I actually view Aiko more as an antagonist rather than a heroine like Hiromi and Noe because she has many questionable morals and she’s also there to Mess up the relationship between Shinchirou and Miyokichi.Aiko is not added into the show to be a contender like Hiromi and Noe but she’s added as more of a symbolic character who has many roles and establishes a lot of themes in this anime which explains why we don’t see her that much in the anime.

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      • Whoa, you made me see Aiko in a new light now. I’m starting to like her even more!!! And you basically explained everything. I have nothing much to say anymore haha!

        Thanks for the very informative comment ! I now understand more about her character and the anime as a whole.


  3. Your Welcome ,I would also like to add that I actually felt a sense of loneliness from Aiko’s character because the writers intentionally split her from the whole cast and she’s seen alone working in her restaurant most of the time and we don’t even see her interacting with many people and there’s not a single person who works in her store (illustrating loneliness) It’s like she is in totally different world than the others.

    Sorry for the long posts and I Thank you very much

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