Liebster Award!!! Wohoo!!!

liebster First I would like to thank Lylyn for nominating me. I deeply appreciate it. She nominated a whole bunch of bloggers since this is the last Liebster award for her as she will be exceeding the limit of ‘under 200 followers’ soon. Check out her liebster award here. There are certain rules that I have to follow. The rules are here. rules liebster award This is actually my second Liebster Award. The first one  was quite a long time ago. Anyway, I’m ready to answer all these questions.

If you could describe your personality in three words, what three words would you use? And why those words?

Shy. Short. Anxious. Because that’s just literally me.

Do you have a pet peeve? If so, what is it?

I don’t think I have one particularly. Oh, there is one. High pitched anime girls’ voices. I think they are very annoying especially when I first watch anime. Now, I still think they are annoying but to a lesser degree.

Do you think out loud?

I used to when I was little but then I experienced my teacher hearing me mumbling all the time. He asked me what I was saying but I didn’t answer. From then on, I refrain myself from thinking out loud.

Do you listen to music while you blog? If so, what genre of music?

No. I don’t listen to music while blogging or doing any other things. I can’t really focus on the task at hand if I listen to music because I tend to forget the task and only listen to the music. I’m pretty sure I can only do one thing at a time. Multitasking is not my thing unfortunately.

If you could make a “Soundtrack of Your Life,” what five songs would you put?

First of all, one of K-on songs must be in. I’d choose Go Go Maniac, the song is beautifully messy…like my life haha… ha……

Second song would be Clean freak, one of Soraru’s song because it’s almost as messy as Go Go Maniac but catchy at the same time.

Third, this song.

I don’t know the name of this song but I love it especially the ending part where I don’t really get the beat. I found this video through Senri Kawaguchi’s (the drummer) channel.

The fourth song would be Cat Steaven’s Wild World. I just need a slower toned for the relaxed side of my life.

The fifth and final song would be Suasana Hari Raya, a Malay song. It’s a very old song, I hear since I was little. The song describes how happy, fun and lively Eid Fitri can be and since I celebrate it once a year, that song is very significant in my life. By the way the singers are very old now. I guess nearly 40? Or even older?

Have you ever went karaoke? Did you like it, why or why not?

I never went to one. I’d love to but I just didn’t get the chance yet… I guess. I had experienced singing on stage though and it was really fun.

Coffee or tea?

Tea all the way!! I don’t drink coffee.

Your top five favorite books of all time (well so far in life)?

I don’t really read much books. I don’t remember anything I read from books since most of the time I didn’t finish the books. I only read pages from them.

If you could rewrite the ending of a book, anime or manga? Which would it be and why?

I guess the anime School Rumble because it’s in my head at the moment. The ending of the show is pretty obnoxious so I think I want to change it. I mean, I’ve always wanted Harima and Yakumo to end up together. I would also change the ending of Yomogi mochi Yaketa because seriously, I really don’t like who Yomogi Chooses.

If you knew the world is going to end tomorrow, what would you do on your last day?

Well this might be a little sensitive as my answer is related to religion. If I know the world is going to end tomorrow, I’ll pray and ask for forgiveness from God all day long the day before. I’d also go to people and apologize for every bad things I’ve done to them. If I could, I’ll also tell my family and friends about the end of the world and ask them to do the same. I’m sure they will if they believe me.

I simply won’t have the last ‘hurrah’ of fun. Having fun while knowing that you will die tomorrow is never a fun thing to do in the first place.

Would you meet a blogger (or bloggers) in real life? If so, who and why?

Would I, I wonder? If someone wants to meet me in person, I think I’ll meet the person. There is no harm in it right? However, I will never initiate the meeting.

11 Random Facts about myself:

  1. I just went to college over a month ago.
  2. I am a guy.
  3. I don’t speak English Fluently.
  4. Writing in English and speaking in English is two entirely different things for me. I think non-native English speakers would understand.
  5. I like bright colours.
  6. I’m 18 years old.
  7. My stamina has decreased drastically after I graduated from school.
  8. I prefer staying in my room and watch anime than going out with my acquaintances.
  9. If I consider them as friends, then I’ll go out with them.
  10. I never thought classes in College would be this exciting.
  11. Because I usually sleep in class when I was in Highschool.

So now I have to nominate other bloggers. I nominate these bloggers:

Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes



Masumi Amari








Now it’s time for me to ask questions to my Nominee. I kinda cheated because some of these questions are from my previous Liebster Award but I really want more people to answer the questions so… Here’s my questions:

  1. Assuming that the second season of an anime is confirmed, If there is an anime that you really enjoy but have to wait for the second season, would you just read the original source or would you rather wait for the next season?
  2. What do you think of light novel adaptations? Do you think it’s superior to the original source?
  3. have you ever experience overpowering the other team or player when playing sports?
  4. Do you have any real life friend anime fan? If you do, how many?
  5. Do you think it’s fun to have many real life friend anime fan?
  6. How did you feel when you first entered college?
  7. Do you ever get bullied?
  8. What genre or what kind of music do you usually listen?
  9. What genre of anime do you usually enjoy?
  10. Is there anything (And I mean anything at all) that is popular you tend avoid?
  11. Do you speak English fluently? For native English speakers, do you speak your second language fluently?

Thank you for reading! Hope you guys enjoyed. And thanks again to Lylyn for nominating me! I think this is the end of this post.

9 thoughts on “Liebster Award!!! Wohoo!!!

  1. I understand where you are coming from when you say “Writing in English and speaking in English is two entirely different thing for me. I think non-native English speakers would understand.” I think I write and read better in Japanese, but I am horrible at speaking and listening is okay-ish. But keep it up, as a native English speaker, I think your writing is pretty amazing. 🙂

    I am curious though what are you considering studying in college? I hope you enjoy your first yeah though 🙂


    • You are learning Japanese? That’s cool! I also want to learn other languages such as Japanese or Arabic but that’s a different story.

      I’m glad you understand me. For me, speaking in English is the only difficult thing to do. Writing, reading and listening are quite easy because well, English is an international language. I mean, I learned English since very little, watching English cartoon shows, reading English books and whatnot. Speaking in English is difficult because I don’t communicate with my family or friends in English. I really need to improve it somehow as it will be very important once I enter the working life.

      Thanks for the compliment. 🙂 I’ll work hard in improving my writing!

      Sorry but I don’t really get the last one… Well, I’m studying English communication in college at the moment. It is a way for me to improve my English speaking skill. And I enjoy studying right now because I like English writing. In highschool, I studied science so that’s why I always sleep in class.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I have been studying Japanese for a while. I also want to learn some other languages too such as Korean. Well blogging your posts in English will help you gain fluency, and even if you aren’t communicating with other bloggers in person, you are still conversing with them in English and that is great practice too.

        As for my last question about what you are going to study in college. I was asking what will be your major, your specialized interest of study, what you want to focus your studies on to get that certificate/degree. I hope that is specific enough. But I think you answered my question with English communication (which I think is a cool major).

        ^Also, this is an example of practicing your English in real time. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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