One Week Friends Review



Hase Yuki is interested in making friends with Fujimiya Kaori, a cold and something girl. He soon know that Fujimiya has an amnesia. This amnesia is a bit special as she will only lose her memory about friends every Monday. Her memories about her friends only last for a week. Despite knowing her disability, Hase still insist in befriending Kaori. How will their friendship blossom?


I’ve actually been longing to see this anime since the first time I heard about it in a local anime magazine. It describes that Kaori will lose all of her memory about her friends every Monday and that little fact really attracts my interest. So now, I finally be able to watch this anime and I have to say, I enjoyed this show as much as the show wants me to enjoy.


At first when I read the synopsis of this series in the local anime magazine, I expected this show to be very deep and heavy which portrays difficulties and struggles in building friendship. But after watching the first episode, I know that this is going to be a very relaxed and light-hearted anime. The first episode elaborate the premise and overall atmosphere of this show effectively and I believe just by watching the first episode, you can decide whether or not to continue watching this show.

The setting is pretty simple. A boy wants to be a friend with a girl who has ‘anime-anmesia’ and well, that’s about it. The story is really straightforward and simple showing how these two develop their friendship especially in the first half of the series. It doesn’t stray from the main focus or add some unnecessary events. Their relationship is very innocent focusing on them being friends rather than being lovers. Even though Hase likes Kaori, the show doesn’t really go towards the lovey-dovey direction. It maintains being an innocent light-hearted show and personally, I like the way they are going with it. And even though I think it might be better if there is a darker and heavier plot, I know what to expect from this series even from the first episode, a heartwarming story.


There is only one subplot at the end of the series which involve Kiryuu, Hase’s best friend and Saki, Kiryuu’s childhood friend. I think the subplot is unnecessary or rather, it develops in an unrealistic way. Well, the whole anime is unrealistic in the first place and I accept that but… I do get it that it wants to develop the side characters as well but that really doesn’t work quite well.

Some people might find the ending disappointing as it doesn’t provide clear closure. To me, this anime focuses on the journey and build up rather than its destination. So I think the ending is already perfect. If I want a closure, I would also want a heavier plot. In other words, providing an explicit ending in this heartwarming and light-hearted anime will feel out of place.

The characters overall are really likable and relatable except for Saki… I guess. Kaori, while being very reluctant to accept Hase’s offer to become friends, she is very cheerful and sweet after she let him become her friend. She at first acts cold towards everyone around her especially her classmates. It’s not because she doesn’t like her classmates, she acts like that because she care for them. She knows that when she develops an emotional attachments towards anyone, she will forget about the person the next Monday. In order to not hurt herself and her other people, she maintains distance by acting cold toward everyone. But after she befriend with Hase, she opens up to people more and other people can easily make friends and talk with her.


Hase, being approved to become her friend is really happy. Since he is the only friend of Kaori, he is delighted and pleased to be able to become Kaori’s ‘special’ friend. But when Kaori becomes more open to people, she manages to make new friends, not just with him. This leads Him to have some jealousy towards her new friends as he is no longer her only friend. He soon realizes his selfishness and apologizes to her. This flaw of his is quite interesting. It’s only natural for him to become jealous as he is the one who befriend her change her in the first place but others simply move in without any effort. I’d be jealous too if I were him and even if Kaori was a guy.

Kiryuu, Hase’s best friend is really a good friend. He always helps Hase (and Kaori at times) developing their friendship and are willing to be friends with Kaori too, after being insisted by Hase. He is pretty much the place for Hase to seek help and depend on as he is more mature and smarter than him. I really like how he gives advices to Hase at exactly the right place and time though, sometimes you can clearly see him as a plot catalyst. As for Saki, she is umm… annoying at times. I actually like her but the way she talks is really irritating especially when she first appear. Fortunately, I adapted to her style of talking faster than expected. She is cheerful and really forgetful. Also, she looks like a kid. I mean seriously, even Kaori looks younger than she suppose to be but Saki look way younger. Not to mention her childish behaviour so I usually see her as a small child despite being the same age as the others.


The animation really ties up with the heartwarming atmosphere. I just like how the whole show looks because it tells me not to expect anything heavier or darker. The ending song, although I really like how the ending of each episode goes into the song, there is one thing that really bothers me that is the bass drum and the bass guitar. At the intro of the song, these two don’t sync and well, I know that there is no right or wrong in art but that really bothers me honestly. Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. There is absolutely no fan service in this show. At least, I don’t remember seeing any fan service scenes. Even the beach episode has no fan service.

One Week Friends is a special show for me not only because of its rarity but also because how I felt after watching this show. You probably think I would go towards talking about some great philosophy or something but no, I’m not really that kind of person. I just feel very satisfied after watching this show. It doesn’t leave me with the need for wanting more despite its ending. Or rather, because of the open ending, I don’t feel like wanting more. It’s perfect the way it is basically. I think this is the first anime I ever feel this way after watching a show, that is the reason why it’s so special to me. The show has a heartwarming and light-hearted atmosphere along with good character development as well as relationship development. It’s pretty slow paced so I don’t think it’s for anyone who likes fast paced story. But for those who likes melodrama, give this show a shot. I believe it’s worth trying.

~4 out of 5 Stars~

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