Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Manga Review



Haruno Yomogi is a high school girl who is obsessed with money. She would do absolutely anything (except for anything pervy and painful) to get some. Since she treasures money so much, love is probably the last thing on her mind. However, Wakky and Natsume, her childhood male friend looks strangely attractive lately. Maybe, just maybe she might experience romance and love for the first time?


I don’t usually review a manga but I’ll do something different this time. This is not an exceptionally great manga or anything but since it’s the first ever manga that I read (as far as I can remember), I think it deserve some sort of special treatment by me. So now, I’m going to review a shoujo manga that I first read 4 years ago. Of course I reread it for the sake of this review. Oh, and I didn’t watch anime yet at that time.

The story is actually nothing special. A girl who is obsessed with a certain something, in this case money suddenly opens up a romantic feelings towards her childhood male friends (friends? Both of them? YES!!). Of course both her childhood friends also secretly harbour feelings towards her too which automatically creates the most generic love triangle ever. Before the love triangle is apparent, there are some sub stories that are there just to lengthen the whole story. It’s not particularly important to the ending but to me, it’s quite fun to read. I find it enjoyable especially when I first read it.

Chronologically, the first volume is somewhat engaging as it explores Yomogi’s romantic feelings towards her childhood friends. The second volume is pretty boring. It’s there just to lengthen the story. The third volume has a slow build up so it’s not very engaging. The fourth and last volume is the moment that you’ve been waiting for because the love triangle is finally revealed… even though you already know it from the start. The ending though, I don’t really like who Yomogi chooses.

And I actually read the local version

The characters, we have Haruno Yomogi the lead who is freaking obsessed with money. Her hobby is saving money. Her specialty is counting money or pretty much anything that involves money and she really hates people who likes to waste their money over useless things and doesn’t being thankful for the money that they have. She doesn’t think much about boys or love but it all changes one day after she sees Wakky topless. If she’s with Natsume, they always bicker with each other.

Wakky is a guy who dedicated his life only towards baseball. He works very hard to be a professional baseball player. Since he really want his dream to come true, he forces himself to only focus on baseball and ignores other petty things such as girls even though he has many fangirls. Basically, he is the ‘cool’ type of guy. However after a certain event, he realizes that he actually has a thing for Yomogi. Well, it wouldn’t be a story if he doesn’t like Yomogi later on.

Natsume is a happy go lucky guy who always squabble with Yomogi. He has a sort of tragic back-story but he always tend to hide her true feelings when others are around. He likes Yomogi since he is a kid but doesn’t seem to have the confidence to tell her even though their relationship is very close.


There are not many side characters as the story is not long. Some characters serve as a sub plot device while others are there to add realism, I guess. I mean, the main characters must have some other friends and family members right?

I don’t think this manga is great, it’s average at best. The story, the characters and the developments are not bad but it’s cliché. You’ve seen this kind of story so many times so this is really not for those who like unique and rare storyline. But I don’t know, I can read this plenty of times so maybe that’s noteworthy. Well, I seemed to like generic romantic stories back then. Granted, I was 14 at that time.

~3 out of 5 Stars~

P.S: Does anybody know what ‘Yomogi Mochi Yaketa’ actually means? Well, the local version means something along the line of ‘The cute and Adorable Yomogi’ but I don’t think that’s the actual or literal meaning from the Japanese. I’m curious of the original text.

6 thoughts on “Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Manga Review

  1. I think the title is translated as “Yomogi Loves Money!” (What else did you expect, haha?). Do you know where I would be able to read it? I can’t find anyone selling it online at all! Any help would be super great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just realized that the official English version is “Yomogi Loves Money” 🙂

      This is a pretty old manga. If anyone would sell it, it would be pre loved. I’ve seen some people post about this manga on Instagram. Maybe if you contact them, they’d sell you the manga.


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