Fan Covers Amaze Me

TYER Click

Lately (or maybe a long time ago but I just didn’t notice), there has been a lot of English fan covers of anime songs most of it are anime openings and endings. I’ve been listening to their covers every now and again and every time I listen to them, they always amaze me. If I don’t know the original song, I don’t listen to the fan covers so my exposure towards fan covers are limited but again, they always amaze me.

If I have not mistaken, the first fan cover that I spontaneously found was Claris’s Click covered by TYER. I was greatly amazed when I first heard it. Dria-dono’s voice is almost the same as Claris and I like that. But her voice appears to only be good when she covers Claris songs, her voice in other covers is not that great. But that’s the minor thing, the thing that truly amazed me was its English lyrics. I mean really, the alternate lyric for English is perfect! The lyrics are rhymed perfectly with the original song while still portray the original message of the song. I think that’s just excellent and they have done a very great job. This amazement feeling actually applies to almost all fan covers that I heard. Of course there are some which sucks (mainly because of their horrible amateur voices not because of the words, the words are still beautiful) but the good really outweighs the bad… I think. Well, Even if the bad outweighs the good, there are still plenty of good covers for us to listen.

Some people just don’t understand the beauty of the changed lyrics. They thought that changing the majority of the words ruins the ‘originality’ of the song and demand fan covers to use the ‘actual translation’ for their covers. How the hell should anyone use the direct translation for their alternate language covers? It’s impossible! Just imagine how bad it’ll sound. Well, Amalee proved how impossible it is in one of her covers below.

That’s how funny and ridiculously bad it sounds.

So I hope this fan covers will grow larger and I really think it should be appreciated a little bit more. But anyway, what do you think about English fan covers? Share your thoughts about it below.

5 thoughts on “Fan Covers Amaze Me

  1. I’m okay with English covers if they are done right. I actually have a couple of Amalee’s songs on my ipod.


      • Some of the videos have download links. I don’t like that they are charging for the newer covers. It’s not their music so trying to profit off it is a little unethical.

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      • Really? They’re charging now? Well that is to be expected… I think. They want to gain something out of their hobby and I’m fine by it unless they charge me high. I mean, I can always find another way to download their songs for free right?

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