Is The Order A Rabbit? Review



Cocoa Hoto moves into a new town and have to stay at a place called ‘Rabbit House’ soon finds out that Rabbit House is actually a coffee café. She has to work as a waitress at the café to pay for her accommodation. While working and schooling there, she meets with many colourful people and have fun working and spending time with them in the new place she’s living.


After witnessing Attack on Titan, I wanted to watch something with a more toned down atmosphere. Something which has nothing to do with killing. Something more calm. Well, it turns out that I found this adorably cute moe anime series. I thought, even if the anime is just Moe blob slice of life where nothing happens, it’d still be a good choice of anime to watch. I found this anime through Yamaki’s review. I felt super relaxed when I read his review not particularly because of his words but because of the pictures (wait what?). The serene feeling that got to me was so strong I thought this must be the anime I was looking for. Why not give it a try? It might be good. Well honestly to me, it’s really good.


The setting of the anime is probably the element that I love the most. The show takes place in a gorgeous looking Western European town packed with population (but it doesn’t seem to have many people) specifically in coffee cafes and tea cafes. It is to me unique since most slice of life show takes place in school but here, we get to see the life of a Barista!

Like always, there is no particular plot in this show as it is a slice of life comedy series. However the setting is beautiful and unique enough for you to keep watching and the jokes are not bad overall. Well actually, there is a little bit story in this show. Basically it’s about Cocoa moving to a new place and meets new people. It’s pretty much about her experience living in a whole new place. The atmosphere of the show is very cozy and the story is quite interesting. I mean, I never felt bored or wanted to end an episode fast while I was watching this even though the pacing is quite slow. But I also didn’t feel any enthusiasm of clicking the next episode whenever an episode ends. It’s not extremely engaging but it’s not boring either, It is consistent from start to finish.

The characters are colourful, likable and well, cute because this is freaking moe show! Their personalities don’t just stay static throughout the series, we get to see some growth and development in them. The relationship between characters too have some development (mainly thanks to Cocoa) but very subtle and the bond between them is very heart-warming.


We have our main character Cocoa Hoto (“Hot Cocoa”, a pun) who is a cheerful and friendly girl. Even though she is a little airhead, she does have a specialty which is baking bread, any kind of bread for that matter. She is the one who closen up the relationship between most of the characters in this show. She also have some kind of sister complex as she wants Chino to call her by ‘onee-chan’. I believe she actually wants to be like her real sister. Welp, we’ll have to wait for the second season to know the answer.

Next we have Chino Kafu (“Cappuccino”, also a pun) the shy, soft and most mature girl among the three girls working at Rabbit House but the youngest. Of course she refuses to call Cocoa by onee-chan. She appears to dislike Cocoa but deep inside she actually cares for her. We can see her grow as she becomes more open to other people and less shy by the end of the series all thanks to Cocoa.

Rize Tedeza (“Thé des Alizés” tea)  is a tough soldier-like girl who is obsessed with guns, one of the waitress of Rabbit House. She wants people to see her as normal but always fails her attemps. She is kind of the fan service girl of the show because of her natural appearance.


Syaro Kirima (“Kilimanjaro” coffee) and Chiya Ujimatsu (“Uji matcha” tea) are childhood friends. They are the rival of Rabbit House as Syaro works at a different coffee shop and Chiya’s family runs a tea shop. Syaro is a girl who worry about everything mainly because she’s poor. I like her for being close when it comes to her financial status. Her reactions when this secret of hers are about to break (many times) are funny. Fortunately, she grows out of it after her friends know about the truth. Chiya, Haha, her dishes names… She likes to pick on Syaro especially when Rize is involved and she appears to strangely know many ghost story. She even enjoy telling the stories to other people.

At first, I thought the side characters such as Megumi and Maya, Chino’s best friend who first appear even in the first episode are not going to be important and will not be exposed to us audience that much but they too have a decent amount of screen time. Heck, even Aoyama, a woman who writes novel and have something to do with Tippy comes out of nowhere giving advice to people. Tippy is actually Chino’s grandfather that is cursed (I believe) to be a rabbit. The show gives you hints, plenty of hints about this ‘mystery’ but at the end, it never resolves.


Whoa, I can’t believe I mentioned almost all the characters in the series. I talked about all of the characters except for Chino’s father… He runs the Rabbit house and works as a bartender at night as the coffee café becomes a bar at night. There, that means I talked about all the characters. If I missed out any, that means I forgot about them.

I mentioned before that Rize is kind of the fan service girl in the show so that means there are many fan service it this show right? Well, while it is true that there are in fact some fan service primarily because of Rize, it never went overboard. So, for those who don’t like fan service that much, I suppose you can enjoy this show pretty well. Oh, there are some Yuri undertone between Syaro and Rize though.


The animation really gives you a calm feeling and serene atmosphere. It’s just gorgeous with the amazing Western Europe scenery. The opening song is damn catchy, I never skip it. The ending song is nothing special I guess.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this show. This is a very calm series where you can just relax and let go all of your stress for a while. The background music also supports the calmness and relaxed atmosphere of the show. The setting is rare enough to consider it unique and the characters are colourful. Do expect no plot or particular story from this show though. If you’re a moe fan you’ll definitely love this show. If you’re new to this genre, give this moe blob show a try, you might like it. Okay, maybe the score I give is a little bit too high but hey, that’s how much I enjoyed this anime.

~4 out of 5 Stars~

Holy crap it’s been 3 weeks since I last post anything here! Well you know what they say, things happen in real life right? Haha that’s not actually the case here though… I’m just lazy. For those who think I’m abandoning this blog, I’m not and I won’t as far as I’m concerned. And yeah I changed my blog name. The reason I choose that name is because I really have to get up early to watch anime undisturbed by any of my family members. The idea came very sudden. It’s not a bad name I guess. At least, it’s better than my default name. So… I’M BACK!!

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