Attack on Titan Review




Humans are attacked by man-eating giants called ‘titan’ by surprise. Because they are so powerful compared to humans, mankind are on the verge of extinction. However, a small population of human survive by building three impossibly high walls that separates them from the titans. After building the walls, mankind live in peace from the titan for one whole century.

In the year 845, a Colossal Titan suddenly appears and breaches the wall attacking humans within the wall. Now that one of the walls has been breached and titans swarming in, how will mankind endure this disaster?


I know I’m extremely late for the party so that’s why I write a spoiler-filled review rather than spoiler-free review. I believe most people in the anime fandom have already watched this massively hyped anime series so why bother writing a spoiler-free review for this anime? And it’s easier for me to discuss. Okay now, let’s go through the anime shall we?

I’d like to talk about the fantasy world that they are living in which I was very amazed when I first watch it.  The world within the wall feels very realistic. At first I thought the world was small but oh man, they build a gigantic circle of walls around them that makes the world much more vast than what I thought. Maybe it’s as big as a small country or something…. I’ve calculated the area. It is 723,822.9474 km2 . That means it’s more than twice the area of Malaysia.

The ending of the first episode really has a big impact on me. The last scene immediately got me hooked to the story because that event is heart-breaking. Not to mention the great animation where bloods flying and splashes to the ground. You can even ask a non-anime fan to watch this episode and get them hooked to the show. No, I haven’t ask anyone yet but I believe the big impact of the last scene would make most people get hooked to the story.


The story is extremely engaging from start to finish. The disaster of titans breaching the wall, which is humanity’s only hope of protecting themselves feels so tragic as if you were in that particular situation. The possibility for humanity to be extinct feels so genuine, it’ll give the creep out of you. It also will certainly make you want to get a revenge since the titans have taken most of our valuable things and loved ones. However, this anime is not only about attacking the titans, it’s about how humans behave in the disastrous situation. Humans are still a cruel creature, selfish, ungrateful for what they have and very greedy. For instance, the poorer people or the villagers as I like to call them are furious whenever the Scout Regiment return from their failed expeditions. They thought their taxes that feed the military are for nothing. In the interior city where the rich people and the ruler live, the corruption is too great to the point that almost everyone is involved. To think that humans can still be selfish and dishonest despite facing the possibility of extinction is well, awful.

You know, before I watched this series I have heard a few spoilers about it (this anime is very popular, it’s inevitable) one of them is Eren is actually a titan. However, I didn’t know that Eren is going to be eaten so when the scene below happens, I was dumbfounded. “What? The main character died?!” Before this scene happens, I thought he was not going to be eaten but going to naturally evolve into a titan or something but, I was wrong. The fact that the anime doesn’t just revive him the next episode makes the audience gradually believe that he really is dead….right?

This scene…

His death is to me the biggest cliffhanger in the entire show. However, that is not the only cliffhanger we get, this show is actually full of cliffhangers. In fact they put a very well-written and engaging cliffhanger at the end of every episodes which made me want to click the next episode after watching every single episode.

The death of characters, there are too many to be counted. Almost every character’s death is memorable and impactful both to the living characters in the show and to us audience. Not to mention they all die in a very gruesome way, that should really make you remember them. You can see the living characters develop positively or negatively after their friends died. The only forgettable deaths to me are the trainees who don’t get a chance to even kill one titan because I barely know them and they have much less screen time. My most sour death is Petra’s death because I have started to like her even when she first appear. I mean come on, who doesn’t like Petra?

I was utterly shocked when she died! The other three? I couldn’t care less…

Now let’s go to the characters. We have our main Eren Jeager who wants to revenge the titans for killing his own mother. His determination and eagerness to exterminate all the titans is obnoxious. I mean, he is always mad all the time, I can’t think of a time when he is not raging. He seriously need to calm down.

Mikasa is Eren’s foster sister and a complete badass when it comes to killing titans. But her devotion towards Eren can be irritating at times because she does not think of anyone else except for her beloved Eren. She has a very interesting and surprisingly dark back-story which I believe people who live in poorer and more corrupted country will more likely to understand because her dark experience happen more often in those countries.

Armin is Eren and Mikasa’s  childhood friend. He is basically a whiny scardey-cat who is not good at doing practical stuffs. However he is a tactical genius who makes near perfect plan and helps  almost all of his friends survive from the titans. That’s the only thing he is good at. I know his tactical skill is pivotal to mankind but…. Well, I don’t remember him slashing any titans.

My favourite character would be Jean because he really grows throughout the series. Initially, he is a selfish guy who only wants to be the top 10 and live safely inside the castle. But as the series progress, he feels responsible to help humanity win against the titans and eventually joins the Scout Regiment. From a selfish guy who only thinks about himself, he becomes a likable character and he concerns about his friends especially after Marco dies.

So, Annie doesn’t join the Scout Regiment. I’m sure she will have a large significant to the story later on…
Female titan2

About Annie being the female titan though, Did you guys see it coming? I honestly should have not seen it coming (because I’m not really good at predicting plot twists) but I kinda did because of its facial expression. I mean seriously, the eye of the titan looks exactly the same as Annie’s. I did doubt what I thought because if I set aside its facial expression, I thought the female titan would be Eren’s mother. His father injects the septic something to him (I believe), he would also in inject it to his mother right? Another reason is because the titan seeks Eren. If the titan was Eren’s mother, she might want to take Eren with her somewhere and then shift herself into human  again before telling him all the secrets of the titans or perhaps the secrets of mankind or the world, I don’t know. I sticked with this theory more because even its killing action supports it. Its killing actions may have something to do with the secrets. Yes, I know my theory is a bit too naïve, that’s why it’s wrong but it’s great to know that I was wrong.

Now that we know Annie is the female titan, my questions regarding the matter keeps on piling up. Why does she seeks Eren? Why didn’t she kill Armin. Why does she kill other people? Why… actually the basic question is why the heck does she do all this?? It doesn’t make any sense. I guess we’ll have to wait for the second season to know the answer.

Leaving the battle
On the side note, this scene made me tear out of fear as if I was the one who would fight against the titans…. again.

The battle scenes are so intense especially because you know everybody can die. No one except for the main character has a plot armor. So whenever a battle against the titans begins be it surprised or prepared, you know that you will lose at least one character you’ve grown attached to. Not only the deaths is the standout of the battle scene, the animation too is stunning. The fast moving 3D animation when humans fly like Spiderman slaying titans are beautifully amazing. The soundtracks too fits so well with the battle scenes, it gives me eargasm and eagerness of war.

So overall, I freaking love this show. The fantasy world is believable, the story is engaging with the plus of cliffhangers, the characters are easy to get attached to and the animation with the music is amazing. No wonder it’s so hyped. I watched the once very hyped Sword Art Online but didn’t get a satisfying payback so I thought this anime would be the same. That’s why I didn’t watch it when it was finished airing. It turned out that I was wrong, this show really deserve the hype. I kinda know why non-anime fan watches this show. I think the first episode is enough for them to get hooked to the story.

~Higher 4 out of 5~


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