How I Become an Anime Fan


As you all probably know, I only started watching anime during late 2012 and I haven’t watched that much anime since then. I know that from 2012 up until now is a long time and I should already have watched a considerable amount of anime. However I actually haven’t watched that much anime because of some reasons that prohibited me from doing so even if I wanted to.

A few years ago during the year 2011, I happened to make new friends as I was transferred to a new school. I am very picky when it comes to choosing friends so I only made very few close friends that I often talked with. Well, I am an introvert after all. Coincidently, these few friends that I made all watched anime. So that was when it all began.

Since all of them watch anime, they talk a lot about it, mainly the mainstream shows such as Dragonball, Naruto and One Piece. I was a bit irritated by their conversation because I didn’t understand anything.

Friend A:           Hey, remember when Goku and Chi Chi went…

Friend B:          Oh yeah that part. And then she hit him with a brick and he…

Friend A:           I love that part. It’s very funny!

Friend A and B: Hahahahahaha!

The conversation above is an actual conversation my friends had back then (not really). Isn’t that annoying? Hearing them talking halfway through all the time and they seemed to understand everything they were saying. It’s very annoying especially when you’re at the side trying to figure out what they’re talking about but simply can’t.


I actually teased them for watching anime because duh… anime is just for kids. Actually no, I never thought of anime like that. I only thought anime was just for overly obsessed people that do not do anything in their life other than watching anime so I teased them for being overly obsessed towards anime. Suprisingly, they weren’t offended but instead they urged me to try watching an anime. I declined the offer instantly, I mean who wouldn’t? Only overly fanatic people would watch that stuff.

They started to persuade me countless times and gave me recommendations (which I immediately forgot once they stopped talking about it) but their actions were futile. Truth be told, If they showed me an episode or two, I would have gotten invested in anime way earlier but they didn’t primarily because none of us have internet connection at that time and some other reasons. Nevertheless, they kept on insisting me to watch anime.

Ultimately, It took over a year for them to convince me to watch anime. After a certain while, I thought maybe I should try watching anime. I mean, one series couldn’t hurt right? I was not going to judge anime by only watching one episode so I decided to watch one whole series. Well, what series should I watch? I remembered my father actually laughed out loud when he was watching School Rumble that was airing at our local channel. After remembering that, I thought maybe School Rumble would be a good series to try. It should be noted that I didn’t watch what my friends recommended me because like I said, I forgot about it.

I told myself I would watch the entire series even if I wasn’t keen on watching it. Of course at that point, I didn’t know that School Rumble has two seasons so I thought I was only going to watch 25 episodes. It turned out that I was hooked after the first episode. That was way beyond my expectations. I thought it would take at least 3 or 4 episodes before I get invested in the show but I was very wrong. I watched the whole series leaving many positive thoughts about the show and anime as a whole. That was the first anime series that I have ever watched.

I know these are just random pictures but whatever

Naturally, I searched for other anime to watch but after finished watching School Rumble I had no idea what else to watch (because I kept on ignoring my friend’s recommendations, why did I do that?). I randomly picked Seitokai Yakuindomo and thought it was a rather weird series with no plot at all and filled with lewd jokes. The third anime that I watched was Baka to Test then Sakurasou then Kuroko no Basket then Clannad then Angel beats and so on (It actually took 3/4 year for me to complete all the anime that I’ve mentioned). So that was how I got into this medium of entertainment.

By the way, I’m not the hardcore type of anime fan who watch dozens of anime a week and I will never be one. I’m just an average anime fan who watch anime simply for fun and uses this medium to improve my writing. That said, I think I will still enjoy anime many years from now because there will be so many good anime that I’ll miss each season.

I know my back story isn’t particularly interesting but I thought I’d share how I (as a relatively new anime fan) got into watching anime. If you have anything to share, leave your comment below. It’ll be cool if newer anime fans share their stories.

9 thoughts on “How I Become an Anime Fan

  1. I am sort of the same way. I started in 2012, only well, I did a post on it for my journal like posts that I do everynow and again. It was the first one in my posts I, The American Otaku. The only difference is I did not have friends, I keep a secret from family, and I watch way more then twelve different shows a week. Still, it is always intresting to see how people got into anime in the first place.


    • So, you got into anime on your own and you keep it a secret from everyone including your family members. In my circumstances, people don’t really care if you’re into anime or not because they see it as just another form of entertainment and as cartoons for kids. Well, we have local dubs for popular anime such as Sword Art Online, that really shows that the community here accept anime as a whole.

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      • That is not so much here. It is sort of mixed when it comes to anime. People have a set idea of it, and it is not always good. I know I can say my dad would not care if I told them I am into anime, but my mom would. It is just how they are when it comes to how they view things. My mom has that set idea like most people that anime is different and therefor it is weird. Sure at times it can be, but not always

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      • I honestly don’t and can’t understand how you feel keeping this hobby a secret from EVERYONE. But i gonna guess it’s very painful. If I were in your shoes… haha, I don’t even want to think about it.

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      • It is definitely a challenge, and some days I question why I still do. Then there are several reasons that seem to present itself. It still does not change the fact it is always interesting to see how people got into anime, be it on accident or due to friends or what ever it may be.

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    • I actually have watched Death Note and I think it’s one of the best anime I’ve seen 🙂 . Do you have any other recommendations? I like shows like this. Code Geass and Steins; Gate are some of my favourites. I hope that’s specific enough for you to know what I’m into… or rather, I don’t want to be very specific.

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      • I will watch Brotherhood. Fullmetal Alchemist though… I think I won’t watch it unless someone insists me to. I mean, I got many feedbacks that Brotherhood is better so I don’t think I want to waste my time on the other. I have watched Clannad and Clannad Afterstory. Hellsing, it has been on my to watch list for a while now… Will get to it soon (or rather when the time comes). One outs, wow, never heard of it. From what I’ve managed to search, it’s a really good anime. Like Code Geass in some ways. So I’ll get to it too. Thanks for the recommendation!!! 😀

        Well One Out seems super interesting!! I think I’ll get to it first haha

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