Le. Gardenie First Impressions



The story is about Orange, a 15 year old boy and his childhood friend Kiwi. The new school term has just started and they go to school as usual. Orange finds himself falling for a beautiful girl named Apple instantly (love at first sight). While trying to pursue his dream girl, Orange meets another beautiful girl named Lemon who, in his eyes, is a very good person. However, Kiwi knows that Lemon is only pretending to be good for whatever reasons. Before long, Lemon gradually steals Orange’s heart towards her and makes Kiwi look like an untrustworthy friend. Now, Orange have to choose between Kiwi and Lemon, who actually is the wolf in disguise?


It’s about time I posted something about local comic. Well, I have actually read a few local comics before but I just didn’t have the urge to write a review on them. But this particular comic book is really good, I immediately thought to write a review on it as soon as I finished it. I haven’t read the rest of the story because I haven’t bought them yet but I’m guessing they will be just as great. It would be a shame if the rest of the story turns out to be bad because the first volume is really good, it have the potential to be a great story. Oh, and there are four volumes in total.

It took a while for me to actually flip through the pages because the first few pages are extremely cliché, It was painful to read. Yes, I didn’t like the cliché introduction but once you made it through, you will be treated to a very engaging storyline. However,I do have to say that the main plot of the story is not very clear in this particular volume. Even so, it is clear enough for you to know where the direction of the story will probably go. The story is actually very simple but excellently executed. You will always want to know what happens next especially after Lemon makes her move.


The character names are all based on fruits. They are overall pretty generic, but that’s not to say they are bad. They are fun to watch generally. We have Orange, the male lead. He is the normal kindhearted highschool boy who we see in almost every school premised anime. I don’t think I have to elaborate this character much. He is straightforward and naïve though.

Next we have Kiwi, Orange’s childhood friend. She is a rough, tomboyish girl who is strong enough to physically protect the male lead if he ever gets bullied. She is also the only one who knows that Lemon is trying to deceive Orange all this while by pretending to be good and melancholy. She tries to convince Orange that he is being deceived by Lemon but because he is so naïve and blind, he can’t see it through.

Lemon is to me the most compelling character in the series so far and she is the antagonist of the series. Her motive in deceiving and continually giving false hope to multiple guys are not yet explained but I’m sure it will be revealed later on. In her biography content, she is described as someone that hates people pretending to be who they aren’t. Now isn’t that interesting? This information really made me want to know more about her background story. I hope I will in the next three volumes. Her psychological fight with Kiwi is great too. She is very good at manipulating situations to her own advantage that sometimes, she reminds me of Kira from Death Note (though, she is far less intelligent than him). The last supporting character is Apple, Orange’s crush… That’s all about her. At least for now, I’m sure she will bloom later.


Every content of this series is important and has its own role to the overall story. There are no trivial things that waste too much time in this series. Even though some events may seem petty, it will have a bigger role and meaning later on. I’m guessing that the creator has limited pages for his story and couldn’t insert trifling scenes that hardly matter to the story.

All in all, this series is definitely worth reading. I still don’t know the main plot but it has got something to do with misunderstandings between Orange, Kiwi and Lemon. I won’t give this series a score yet but like I said, it’s worth reading. I can’t wait to buy the according volumes.

If you want to buy this comic book you can buy it online via their website www.gempakstarz.com. You can also buy it at large bookstores such as MPH, Boarders and Popular (I don’t know if they still have it now considering this series was published back in 2006). Or you can just borrow it from your nerd friends.

comic malaysia
Some of the pages. Wait, did I mention that the artwork is very good?

Note: From my experience, Malaysian people are extremely biased when it comes to local fiction industry. They always say that their own local fiction or local comics are bad compared to other (obviously better) country like Japan. So, if you find some random Malaysian saying that a particular local (Malaysia) comic is good, chances are it is pretty good.

Other note: I’m not the extremely biased Malaysian anymore…

2 thoughts on “Le. Gardenie First Impressions

    • Yes, he is good and he is the best in Malaysia in my opinion (and as far as I know). His later artwork is much smoother. Many people, like me, gave it a read because of his artwork. Whether we like it or not, that’s another matter. But most of us would probably like it (that is if we’re not biased) because his stories are fairly easy to digest and are pretty much for everyone. I wish I have known his works earlier. The first time I read his work was last year and that’s considered very late.


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