Amagi Brilliant Park Review



Amagi Brilliant park, an amusement park appears to be in a very bad shape with no maintenance and low on visitors. The park needs to attract 500000 visitors by the next three months otherwise, it will be shutted down by the authorities. Seiya is forced to save the amusement park by a beautiful girl Isuzu. Accepting the challenging job, Seiya soon knows that it is no ordinary park.


I have to say that Amagi Brilliant Park is a great comedy anime. Comedy anime without drama doesn’t usually appeal to me because it doesn’t have any particular plot or story and character development. Unless it’s funny as hell, I won’t be that interested in it. But this anime is pretty good. I really enjoyed it.

Let’s talk about the jokes first. For me, most of the jokes really hit me if not all. It’s genuinely funny and humorous. Even though some of the jokes are repetitive, it is still funny throughout the series. But most of the time, it’s not repetitive. That’s why I love the comedy. Plus, this comedy series has a plot that resolves at the end. That is a major plus for me. However, the plot doesn’t actually add major things to the series.

The characters in this series are hilarious. There are various type of characters, from a normal Kuudere girl to a fierce dragon yet they are all very funny and interesting. At least most of them. The male lead is a narcissistic guy named Seiya who is coerced to achieve the impossible by managing the abnormal park. He is reluctant at first but after discovering the truth about the park, he gives it a shot. He is the most normal character in the series but the credit is, he is not the most boring character. The female lead is a kuudere girl named Isuzu who is the former manager of the park before Seiya. She fails to attract visitor, basically because she is an idiot. I mean, she just doesn’t have any clue to do her work properly.

seiya z isuzu 2

I have to give a credit to the character designs, particularly Seiya and Isuzu. Seiya to me is a very attractive. He has to be attractive in the series after all because the anime describes him as a handsome, good-looking guy. Isuzu in my opinion is very beautiful. She’s not cute like many other female anime characters but she’s maturely beautiful. I mean, seriously, I’m fanboying her appearance right now!

Maybe I’ll mention a little bit of my complains. Some of the characters are not that funny and compelling. It is forgivable though because there are still many other fun to watch characters in the series. The next thing is maybe, just maybe, Seiya’s power of reading mind should be taken out. Even if he doesn’t have the power, the story will be going smoothly or perhaps better. Despite these complains, I still had a blast watching this.

I don’t have much to say about this series. It is a comedy anime so there is not much to talk about other than the characters and of course the comedy. I like the animation. Bright and vivid colouring is perfect for lighten up the comedic atmosphere. Actually, this series has no or at least little sequel to every episode. If you pick up random episode to watch, (and eventually watches all) you’ll still understand the story.

So for the final verdict, I’ll give this anime a 4 out of 5 stars. It is truly a great comedy anime.

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