Black Bullet Review



In a near future, humans are threatened by parasites known as Gastrea and are forced to live in terror and despair with the Gastrea. Satomi Rentaro, a ‘Civil Security’ with his ‘initiator’ Enju is on a secret mission to save Tokyo from the Gastrea attack.


After reviewing older anime for the past few posts, I decided to give the newer anime a shot. I chose to watch the more popular ones of course. After all, one of my friends recommended this anime to me so why not right? So I started watching this series with really high hopes and expectations. ‘This will be a really great action thrilling series! The premise is quite dark. Yeah, this is going to be very interesting!’. Or so I thought.

The first few episodes explains the rebuild of mankind after the first Gatrea attack. They have discovered a way to inhibit the Gastrea from attacking the city that is by building ‘Monolith’ walls around it. Now, it is only the ‘Monolith’ that separates the humans and the parasites. Despite living on a safer ground, the human race suffer from another threat that is the ‘Cursed Children’. These children have been infected by the Gastrea and slowly become one. However, they have an abnormally strong and special ability. Because of that, some of they are used to defend the city by any possible Gastrea attack.

Even though the cursed children are useful in defending the city effectively, the society hates them because of the fact they are infected. In other words, they are not human to the society’s eye. So many of the children are abandoned and separated from their family. At this point, we as audience should feel sorry for them. But because they don’t convey the hatred very well, I didn’t feel sorry for them for the most part. In fact, I think they are lucky enough to have many kind-hearted people around them such as Rentaro that are willing to take a good care of them. It could be much better if the children lives in much more distress. That way, a deeper feeling would grasp me I think.


The characters in this series are not that interesting. They are rather generic. We got Rentaro, a heroic protagonist who holds the grudge against the Gastrea (Well, everyone in the series do). He is the type of character who ‘wants to vanish evil by any means’. He is generous, too generous I might add as he often helps people that have no connection with him whatsoever. He is also strong, friendly, charismatic, intelligence and pretty much every single positive traits available. He also befriend with a lot of underage girls A.K.A loli harem (that part annoyed me though). Alongside him is his loyal partner Enju who is one of his loli harem girl that has a badass kicking power. The relationship between these two characters feels very forced especially the feelings of Rentaro towards Enju. Fortunately, it got better and better throughout the series.

Most of the side characters does not get enough background story. Not that I was interested to know them in the first place. But, they could be much more interesting if we get to know them better. Some side characters serve the plot purpose even though sometimes it is done ridiculously. Other characters can be classified as sacrificial material. Okay, on serious note, there are some characters who successfully lighten up the thrilling mood, of course by getting into trouble and dying on some occasion. And reliving again? This is the mood that I expect most from the series but didn’t get enough.

What I expected and hoped to get from this series are the dark thrilling experience and some awesome fight scenes but what I actually get is the light-hearted comedy instead. Yes, the standout of the series is the light-hearted comedy which I found myself enjoy it the most. It’s kind of disappointing to find myself enjoying the comedy more than the thriller because it is suppose to be the other way round.


As for the fighting scenes, they are rather jarring and short. Not to mention, they also add names to their moves which… I seriously don’t know what the names do. Does it increase the epicness of the fights? Maybe. I also found it ridiculous and irritating. Rentaro kills all the villains and monsters way too easily. He reminds me of Kirito. There is one time where Rentaro kills a villain that is impossible to be defeated, kills a monster that is suppose to be the threat of the extinction to mankind and discovers a betrayal among some well known man. All that happen in just one episode. That episode is really rushed. Other fight scenes are too absurd to the point that you would ask yourself, why in the world didn’t they do ‘that’ from the start? The answer is, if they do ‘that’ from the start, there wouldn’t be a story.

Talking about the story, the latter part of the series feels more genuine and is explained more clearly. At least, clearly enough for people to understand the story. However, the first half of the series has many plot holes that does not get any explanation. The complex story makes it even worse.

For the final verdict, this anime only deserves a 3 out of 5 stars, pretty average. This series actually have everything but everything is not enough. There is some fight scenes but there are many other anime that have it better. There should be some thriller but you will not get the feel as you know ‘everything is going to be alright’. There is some comedy but it is not the main focus. I enjoy it the most though. I can’t say that this anime is bad but it surely is far from being a good anime. So I suggest you skip… wait you don’t have to skip… or … Okay I get it now. For newer anime fan who haven’t seen many anime yet, I suggest you skip or hold this series for now because there are many other better action thriller anime out there.

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