The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Review



It’s a story about a girl named Haruhi Suzumiya trying to overcome her boredom by finding abnormal things in this world. Therefore, she forms a club with the objective to find the abnormality of this world.

Kyon, an ordinary high school student is involved with Haruhi’s crazy activities by some (inevitable) occasions. He later finds out that the other three members of the newborn club is an alien, a time traveler and an esper. He has to make Haruhi happy by accompanying her doing insane activities while at the same time covering the fact and secret of the abnormality around her because if she finds out, IT WILL BE THE END OF THE WORLD!!


There are two ways to watch this series. The first one is in chronological order and the other one is in the original release order. I, of course watched it in chronological order. I don’t see why people should watch the broadcast order because the episodes are scattered. Think of it this way, you have a perfect chronologically arranged series. Then you shuffle the episodes randomly and lastly broadcast it. Isn’t it a foolish thing to do? But I don’t know, maybe there is something to it that I couldn’t see. Besides, I watched this chronologically so I can’t actually say anything.

First off, I didn’t find this anime as entertaining as many people claim it to be. I don’t see why people always say that this is one of the best anime ever created. I didn’t find it funny most of the time. I didn’t find any character development. Kyon is boring as hell while Haruhi is a total bitc…. I mean, she’s bizarre. Let’s go to the things that I like about the anime shall we?

One moment that I really like is when Yuki and Asahina reveal about their true self to Kyon. It was really shocking to know the truth about them especially Yuki. My favorite character in this series is Yuki after all. I just like her because… well, she is mysteriously interesting. Don’t you find her interesting? One more thing that I really enjoyed was the carnival show. Yuki (again) is such a badass! there are some funny moments here and there but…. for god sake, I don’t know what to say anymore! Now let’s go to the things that I didn’t like about the anime.

Haruhi! She is such a pain! I admit she can be adorable at times but most of the time she is a total bitc… I mean, bizarre. She is a spoilt little brat who wants everyone to do what she wants and no one, even Kyon can do anything about it. That’s absurd especially when Haruhi deals with Asahina which is nothing less than a bully. Sometimes I wonder, is Haruhi suppose to be hated? If so, they’ve done a great job.


Another thing that annoyed me was Koizumi. I found it extremely boring when he explains things to Kyon. There are so many explanations that you don’t actually have to understand. All he is trying to say is one, don’t let Haruhi get depressed and two, don’t let Haruhi know about their true identity because if either of that happens, IT WILL BE THE END OF THE WORLD!!! The scenes are considerably not much but I was still irritated by it. And I really hate when he agrees with every single thing Haruhi mentions. I mean, I know he wants to avoid the effects of Haruhi being depressed but agreeing her to bully Asahina multiple times (for example) is too much for me.

The story is… well, it caught my interest several times especially when Yuki reveals her secret. The chance for the story to become interesting is very high considering the enormous amount of mysterious elements in it. But because it doesn’t resolve, it becomes meaningless. The characters too are very compelling. At least, they should be. Again, they barely explain the characters as to why they should be around Haruhi other than observing her.

The character development is very little. Actually, there isn’t any. At the end of the day, Haruhi is still a maniac, Kyon is still a boring highschool student who does errands for Haruhi and the others are still most likely the same. I was expecting some character growth from Haruhi and Kyon, particularly Haruhi. There is one time that Haruhi is given the chance to grow but she simply doesn’t. I don’t know why they wasted the chance though. She should grow. Any growth should be okay since they have gone through many rare events. If not, all the journey would have no meaning.

Overall, I don’t think this series is worth watching really. There is no humorous jokes. No drama. The ‘mysterious story’ did caught my interest but disappoint me at the end. The characters are only to be hated. There is a fighting scene in episode four (chronologically) I enjoyed. Other than that, nothing. I notice that if you don’t like the characters mainly Haruhi, then you will not enjoy the show. but if you do like her for some reason that I will never know, you’ll love this series.

For the final score, I’ll give this anime a two star. I didn’t enjoy it so it deserve the low score. But hey, maybe I didn’t see the good part of the series because I’m still new or something. Or could I have a really bad taste in anime?

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