K-on! Review (Season1)

K-ON!! Kotobuki Tsumugi, Nakano Azusa, Tainaka Ritsu, Hirasawa Yui, Akiyama Mio Wallpaper


Hirasawa Yui, a clumsy airheaded girl enters high school and decides to enter a club since she never join one. The Light Music Club catches her interest as she thinks she can become a member of the club just by knowing how to play castanet. Soon, she realizes that it is a lot harder than that. She enters it anyway and decides to learn to play guitar for the sake of her new join club. She enjoys sharing pleasant memories together with the  members of the club.


I watch this series because of the songs actually. I found out that the songs are one of the best I’ve heard. It’s rock, catchy and it have much ‘stress’ in it so like It a lot. It’s more or less my taste of music. Since I love the songs so much, I thought why not give this anime a try despite the bad rumours about it. I mean, I’ve heard many people saying that this anime is not good. Well it is true in some way. Let’s just get to it shall we?

K-on! Is a comedy series so don’t expect it to have any character development. There is no point on hoping to see how Yui grows. However, the characters are not really bad. Aside from being completely childish, they are fun to watch. I love the chemistry between Yui and Ritsu as they are both and airhead. (actually all of them are an airhead but these two are more severe). Mio and Azusa are best kept together. As for Mugi the rich, kind and lovely girl, she is just there to umm… serve them cakes and tea I guess. The rest of the cast are pretty boring (because they’re not an airhead) except for the Sawako teacher (because she is an airhead too)

While there are some genuinely funny moments, the repetitive jokes bring down the whole show. I think the early episodes are pretty funny but later, I found myself getting bored especially during the last episodes of the series. But hey, they’re cute right? Way too cute in fact.


To anyone who is hoping for a great brand show from the series, stop hoping for it. This series is neither about the music nor the band. The music only acts as some kind of plot device (if there is even a plot to begin with). Even though I know I shouldn’t be hoping for any great show,(people kept telling me that) I couldn’t help but hoping myself for it. Every time they practice, I’d be hoping for them to practice a little longer. In return of course I didn’t get any. The concerts too are pretty much the same. I anticipated their concerts and hoping (again) for a great song but before I realize, it was over. My favorite show is when they play to impress Yui in the first episode. Since the duration is less than  minute, I couldn’t enjoy it like I wanted to. Every show they do feels that way. So again, I suggest you give up hoping for it. It’s irritating and disappointing.

There may be many things that I don’t like in this anime but I still found it enjoyable in one way or another. To me, the audience should just enjoy the five of them doing stupid things (or rather nothing) with each other.

So, for my final thought, I’ll give this anime a three star. Enjoyable it is but still not worth my time. Will I watch the second season and the movie? The answer is yes. Perhaps I will someday though I’m a bit reluctant to watch it. I just want to know how they perform other songs considering I know most of the songs. (yes, I’m still hoping for a great show!)

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