The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Review

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A tomboy teenage girl named Makoto Konno discovered that she has the ability to leap through time. Once she knows her newfound ability, she uses it to her advantage towards trivial things such as passing exams and avoiding embarrassing accidents. Little does she knows that her action effects the people around her in a bad way.


The story begins as a slice of life anime where it tells us about Makoto and her two best male friends having fun like a usual innocent teenager. I felt very relaxed and nostalgic seeing them having fun playing baseball. However, the story grasped me when Makoto is at her near death situation. Yes, she is about to die but doesn’t because well, she can leap through time. There are so many other ways for the movie to actually tell us that she has that ability. For example … umm, at least something not as important as death. But nope, the movie gives us the most important thing which is life or death so that the time leaping really matters to Makoto.

When she finds out that she can leap through time, she without a doubt as an innocent young girl have fun leaping back and forth through time. Seeing her doing such a thing is very interesting. If I have the ability, I would have fun like her too. Though, I would travel way forth to see how the future actually is instead of just doing little things like Makoto here does. Of course, her action add some bad consequences towards the people around her. Now this is where I really like the show. I think it’s common for a time travel story to make the consequences as a major plot or a climax devise. But this show does it really well. It’s sad to see all the bad consequences happening around her because of her own doings and it’s depressing to see her trying her best to deal with it. There is in fact a plot twist that I seriously didn’t see it coming at all. I shouldn’t be talking about it much since it will be a spoiler but I can say that it’s very shocking.


As for the sub or dub, although most of the time I prefer watching dubbed anime over subbed, I really enjoy watching the sub version of this anime rather than the dub because the Japanese voice actor (or the Seiryuu) for Makoto really suits her tomboyish personality. Other than that, I think the background sound is too loud or the volume of the voice actors are too low for the dub. Either way, it’s irksome.

‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’ is a really great show. It has a good story, good characters, a great plot twist and a very good ending. Talking about the ending, was that suppose to be a happy ending or what? I can’t classify them but it sure is a new experience for me. I seriously recommend this movie to every single one of you out there. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the great experience.

For the final verdict, instead of giving numbers like I did for the past two reviews, I think It would be better if I give stars. The stars will be more accurate than the numbers since it is more general. So this is definitely a five star anime.

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