Kuroko no Basuke Review (Season 1)

Kuroko’s Basketball



Teiko middle school basketball club is considered unrivaled after winning every championship they participate. At that club, there are five well known prodigies which are called the ‘Generation of Miracle’. After graduated, the five of them went to different high schools representing their school’s basketball club. Kuroko who was once the member of Teiko’s basketball club went to Seirin high school and determined to defeat the arrogant ‘Generation of Miracle’ with his style of play.


I watched this anime by accident, not recommended by anyone. I accidently watched kuroko’s scene where kuroko’s ability is revealed. That particular scene makes me stuck to the whole show.

The first thing that is very attracting is Kuroko himself. He is called the ‘Phantom Sixth’ as he is also one of the members of the unrivaled team. His power is not even close to the‘Generation of Miracle’ but his ability is of a different kind. He can’t dribble well and he can’t shoot on target. So what actually can he do? His ability lies on his passing. Passing is his specialty. His passing can’t be estimated because he passes all over the place. He is also good at intercepting. Not to mention, another ability he has is invincibility. The fact is he has a lack of presence so many players will not notice him that he is on the court. Combine his passing and intercepting specialty with his invincibility, we got ourselves an epic ability. Well, his ability alone is very interesting. Imagine the ‘Generation of Miracle’…

The main attraction in this anime is obviously the ‘Generation of Miracle’. It is emphasized the whole first season and it really attracts people. The five prodigies are given that title because they are overwhelmingly strong and overpowered. Each one of them has different specialty and ability. They don’t appear all at once because that will just destroy all the mysterious feeling. They appear one by one. Because of this, you will be very curious about how they look like and how powerful they are. The first ‘Generation of Miracle’ appears as early as the second episode. By the time he is introduced, you really want to know him more and want to see what he is capable of. When they appear, you just know that they will not disappoint you and what you are about to see is beyond your expectation.

One thing about this anime is it does not waste time. The pace of the story is really fast. The first episode introduces the characters and their status quo. There is also a training match where Kuroko’s ability is revealed. Then, you will be treated to a match (which is also training match but more intense) as early as the third episode. So luckily, you will not get bored by the unimportant events occurring outside courts. More importantly, the matches are very engaging and they always do cliffhangers at the end of every episode. Of course, not all matches are against the ‘Generation of Miracle’ but even if they aren’t playing, the matches will not disappoint you.


The characters are many and most of them are guys. If there are many girls, then at any rate the anime will divert itself to the fan services which everyone loves so much and I don’t even know why. Would you mind telling me somehow? Oh yeah, the fan service in this anime is minimal. At least as long as the Momoi girl up there is off screen… Now back to the topic earlier, characters. The characters are very unforgettable. You will definitely remember their faces and abilities if not their names. The relationship between characters are pretty incredible too especially between Kuroko and his former team and between Kuroko and Kagami.

The animation is amazing. It really needs a credit. The movement of players in the court is rather realistic. Colour coded for each character of the ‘Generation of Miracle’ for the viewer’s convenient.

To sum it all, this anime is the best for everyone really. Newbies (like me) should find this entertaining and engaging as this anime does not have filler episodes. Normally, people who play sports does not really like sports anime because of its nuisance but this, even though not everything is logic I think this anime can be accepted by them too. This is by far the most engaging anime I have ever watched.

The score this time will be perfect. 10/10! Is it ok for me to give a perfect score? Well, I guess so. I had a blast watching this and I’m not even a sport anime fan.

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