5 Centimeters Per Second Review

This is my first review so I’m a bit nervous.


Tonho Takaki and  Shinohara Akari are best friends. After graduated elementary school, Akari is forced to move because of her parent’s job. Not long after, Takaki also have to move to a place where the distance between them makes it really hard for them to meet. Takaki and Akari deals with the distance relationship and struggle to keep in touch and meet each other.

5 centimeter per second


First and foremost, I must give a credit to the art and animation. It is just brilliant. The beautiful, well animated scenery is just perfect for this type of story-telling which I believe is montage. You won’t get to see amazing animation like this other then Makoto Shinkai’s anime.

The story is separated into three chapters so I will go from chapter to chapter. The first chapter is undoubtedly better than the other two. Takaki and Akari are still little kids. They quickly become friends when Akari is transferred to Takaki’s school. It’s nice to see their relationship grows. And they actually befriend until the graduation day of elementary school is rather more realistic than only having to know each other for a shorter period of time. After Akari moved for about a year, Takaki wants to meet Akari by riding a train since the place that they will meet is indeed very far. This is where the heart warming scene comes. I totally feel like crying when the train got delayed for some inevitable event and of course, when the two of them get separated once again after meeting. My heart really burst out! The splendid scenes really helps the story to be more dejected than it already is. So, the first chapter is really great.

Moving on to the second chapter where Takaki moves further from Akari and is a high school student. A new character, Kanae is introduced and takes the role of the main character… for some reason. The story is pretty much generic but at the same time pretty engaging even though it’s a bit slow. This is probably because it successfully portray Kanae as a character. She is likable and you will eventually be rooting for her. You really care for her and you will feel her pain love. However, because she is the main cast in which we get to hear her inner voice, the plot does not develop. She is just there to show how lonely Takaki is. The plot only develop when Takaki takes the title again at the end of this chapter. Wouldn’t it be better if we get to hear Takaki’s inner voice rather than Kanae’s? maybe we should know Akari’s too! (I think you’ll be confused by the names if you haven’t seen the movie)


The third and the last chapter is the worse chapter in comparison with the first and the second chapter. I didn’t say it’s that bad. It’s just worse if you compare the three of them. This chapter is pretty much nothing. It shows how Takaki, who is now a young adult with a job, cope with his depressed circumstances and how he move on. It also shows a little bit of Akari’s life which is, to me very sad… for Takaki. I was expecting a happy ending but it end up somewhat realistically (is this a spoiler?) which disappoint me. But that’s actually the good part of it. A very realistic and unexpected ending. Though I do feel something lack about the ending. I’m not entirely satisfied with it. However, it is the ending that made my heart crushed.

This anime is amazing especially with the gorgeous animation. The characters are one of the highlight of the show. They make us care for them as if they actually exist. They are realistic after all. That means the story too is realistic and very touching. This type of storytelling really attracts me but honestly, I don’t want to see many films like this. it’ll break my heart!!! Once in a while is okay I guess.

For the final verdict, I’ll give this beautiful anime an 8/10. Though, this is just numbers. I don’t have any particular measurement or reference to it. For now, the numbers are just how much I personally enjoyed the show.

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